Receipts can lead to rewards

Our ?Save Your Receipts? holiday local rewards promotion begins this week and runs through Dec. 14. It is intended to reward folks who shop in Marion County and who support our local businesses. Three entrants will receive a total of $1,000 in Free Press Bucks to be spent with our Marion County advertisers.

The program was successful last year above our expectations and we are hoping it will be even better this year. The receipts in 2011 represented nearly $250,000 in purchases.

To find out more about the promotion and to read the rules and regulations please turn to Page 8B in this week?s edition.


You may have noticed that about a half dozen businesses have disappeared from our Marion County landscape recently. Many forces were at work, such as Internet competition, a tired owner, a successor wasn?t there to take over, the economics didn?t work, the support they needed from the local community went elsewhere, etc. The common denominator is economics, I believe. All businesses need that six-letter word ?profit? to keep the doors open.

To maintain our purchasing options in Marion County, it is even important now to shop locally whenever you can.


I believe I read in our paper that 120th between Indigo and K-15 had been resurfaced recently. So, I took the opportunity to take a drive on it. Very nice.

Just make sure to stay on the surface because if you don?t, you?ll be in a mess with a very steep drop off into the ditches.


If you haven?t been in the Et Cetera Shop in Hillsboro for a while you would be amazed at how much is available to buy and how well organized it is.

The folks running the store and the volunteers have done a great job displaying the goods.

The Halloween costume I purchased there for $6.32 was washed and returned and put back out on the racks, I presume.


I was asked the other day if I had ever gotten both feet in one leg when I put on my pants. At the time I answered no, and then after I thought about it for a while, the answer was yes.

This will probably be the last time there is a reference to this topic in my column. At least for a while?unless I forget that I have already discussed it.


We are attending the Author Roundup in Abilene the first Saturday in November at the Abilene Civic Center from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. It is an opportunity for me to showcase the books we have published and our book printing services.

Two Kansas authors, a brother and sister act, are putting on this event to give the public a chance to meet local authors and purchase autographed copies. Our own Jerry Engler, local author, will be there as well as Steven Farney, author of Kansas basketball books.


Remember to vote next Tuesday. It probably won?t matter in Kansas whom you pencil in for president?it is decided. Be sure to take along a photo ID this time.

According to reports, the cost of the presidential election for both campaigns combined has topped $2 billion. Since our country spends more than that in less than an hour, maybe it is just a drop in the bucket in the scheme of things. I could find better ways to spend it, though.

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