Recalling the greatest NFL game

I just finished watching ?The Greatest Game Ever Played,? which aired on ESPN a few days ago. Those who watched professional football back in the ?50s will know what I?m talking about.

I was 12 years old when the Baltimore Colts played the New York Giants for the NFL title. The game site was Yankee Stadium. The date was Dec. 28, 1958.

It was in the day of Sam Huff, Frank Gifford, Johnny Unitas, Alan Ameche, Lenny Moore, Raymond Berry and many others who made the world sit up and take notice because of that overtime championship game won by the Colts.

I was really disappointed when the Colts moved to Indianapolis.


I was having lunch during the Holly Days Bazaar recently and we got on the subject of eating turkey necks?and chicken necks.

I won?t mention any names, but at least one woman is very fond of turkey necks. It seems that some people really like the necks and some really don?t.

I happen to like chicken necks. My brother and I always fought over who got to eat the heart. But with a chicken neck there is always one more little morsel that can be chewed off of those scraggly, bony things.


I?ll bet I?m not the only one with this dilemma. My suit isn?t worn out, but it is a little tight. I have choices. Lose 10 pounds or buy a new suit?or don?t wear a suit.


Every time I drink hot tea I feel sick. I mentioned that to Nancy the last time I drank some and she told me, ?That makes perfect sense because the only time you drink hot tea is when your are ill.?


If you have a lot of time on your hands I have just the thing for you. It?s a little computer game called ?Smack the Penguin.? Click the snowman to activate the penguin and click again to smack it.

Here is the Web address:


I?m really going to miss the Low German buffet at Olde Towne. We went for the last time this past Saturday.

Linden and Dorrie have provided a great place to eat since February 1992. We thank them for their service to the community and region for all these years and wish them the best wherever their path leads.


I have another foot miracle to talk about. Last Tuesday I leaned over into a cart to pull out a stack of papers and suddenly developed a big cramp in my foot. Before long it felt like someone had taken all of the bones in my foot and tied them in a knot.

By evening it hurt so badly I could barely walk; by bedtime I was crawling on the floor. Miraculously in the morning I could walk again with a little soreness, but by the end of the day it was healed as though nothing had happened.


It was ?Key Problem Week? also. I lost keys twice.

First, I accidentally threw my truck keys in the refuse bin with some trash I had in my hand. When I reached in my pocket?no keys.

The second time I left my keys in the outside door of our building and left for some open houses. When I got back, my keys were gone. After backtracking with no luck, I came home to find them in the door.

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