Ready to start chair caning

My chair caning supplies arrived the other day. So now it is time to get busy.

I’ll have to watch the video again on chair caning, the real way. I already know how to do the precaned way, The precaned stuff I had from five to ten years ago was too brittle or I didn’t soak it long enough and tore when I tried to use it. I think the new stuff will work better.

Too many teammates from high school and those near my age in school are dying these days. The latest was Jay Jost, who taught me the attitude of always ready by game time.

Jay was a year ahead of me in school and died in Colorado Springs late last month. I don’t remember seeing him since those high school days, but I will never forget his ability to catch a football.

When I was a freshman and he was a sophomore, we were playing Cotton­wood Falls in the last game of the season. We were way ahead, even by the second half, when all of the freshmen were playing. Jay told me to heave the ball as high and as far as I could and he would go get it and so he did. I think he scored a couple of times and we ended up winning the game, 80-0.

A woman from Tennes­see posted on the HHS All-school reunion page that her mother had bought a 1982 HHS class ring at a yard sale, and wanted to return it to the original owner if possible. The initials scribed in looked like C.A.

If you know whose it might be, please contact the lady on the FB page.

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, as they have aged, that their arms have gotten shorter or that their legs have gotten longer. It has happened to me for sure because I have trouble reaching my feet.

So when I shower, I really can’t reach my feet too well. I told my wife about this problem and she proceeded to buy me a brush for my shower. I call it a gorilla brush because the bristles are very stiff and I thought the brush may be intended to use to scrub a gorilla.

I just finished the clinical study I was participating in at KU Med. Now they just have to find some normal people to examine.

My good friend Dave Ranney has been looking out for me again at the Lawrence public library. We were at the Ranney’s re­cent­ly to help Candice celebrate her birthday.

He handed me the 4th edition of the Prairie Home Companion Pretty Good Joke Book, with more than 300 new jokes.

Why did the cookie visit the doctor? He was feeling really crummy.

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