Ready for grandsons? next visit

We just bought plane tickets to send our grandsons back to Atlanta after they have been here again for the Marion County Fair. They took home the ?8 Wonders of Kansas? book last time and have been scouring it for other things to do while they are here.

They will be away from home for several weeks this summer with assorted trips for camping, to the beach and an aunt?s wedding in the Pacific Northwest before they head for Kansas.

We?re glad they still want to come, but we know this will end one of these years as the oldest is starting high school this fall. The lure of doing things in Kansas that they can?t do at home is still working, though.


I?m not the only one who had trouble with the shuffle feature while listening to audio books. It doesn?t make me feel any less stupid, but misery loves company. Following is a comment from the Free Press website on my last week?s column:

?I?m glad to know that I?m not the only one to have been confused, years ago, by my car CD player?s attempt to shuffle my audio book. I never used that player for music, just audio books, and I had no idea that there was such a thing as a Shuffle feature. I think I used up an entire tub of peanut butter trying to clean what I assumed must be a smudged CD.?

And, I didn?t almost run out of gas again in southern Missouri like I wrote?it was northern Missouri. Had it been southern Missouri, I also would have been very lost on my way home.


I came up with a new name for guys who want a mohawk but have no hair down the middle. I call it a No-hawk.


I am drinking MIO now instead of soda even though I like Crystal Light better. On the advice of one of my readers, I tried MIO and like it because it is so handy. Sometimes handy wins over taste.

I was asked what?s so hard about opening a packet of Crystal Light. Well, it creates trash that must be dealt with and I have to take time to read the packet to see what is in it before opening.


Not that it matters to anyone, but I took down my Facebook page about 10 days ago. There were many good reasons to have a presence, like keeping up with the kids and seeing photos that others post. But two other factors caused me to take it down.

First, loss of privacy. If you look at something, such as the social cam, Facebook posts on the site that you viewed it. Immediately, there were people who liked that I viewed it. It is nobody?s business what I look at, which is not to say that big companies don?t know what I am looking at but at least it isn?t public.

The second reason is the big IPO fiasco that was driven by greed and harmed many regular folks who bought stock and have lost money because of the greed.

I for sure won?t be missed on the site as one of the millions of users. On the other hand, I haven?t missed Facebook so far.


In times like the following, I lament not living closer to our children.

The new Cameli?s Pizza Joint, the second store, is about to open in Atlanta?s Little 5 Points district and we won?t be able to be there for the event. And son Dan moved to Bend, Ore., which has much to see and do.

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