Rainfall is abundant after all

Just when I was wondering if I would ever be saying again that we have abundant rain, it happens. It?s great to see the ponds overflowing again and the reservoir full as well.

And it happened in a couple of weeks, too. A drive to Lawrence over the weekend showed us green pastures all of the way there?and in August, no less.


If you have 15 years of old computer equipment like we do (did)?which includes monitors, printers, computers, keyboards, mice, PDAs, etc.?then I have some advice for you. There is a terrific place to recycle all of that stuff. It is Starkey Elec?tronic Recycling center on Maple Street in Wichita, just west of West Street, a few blocks east of Towne West.

Here is what Starkey?s website has to say about its program:

?Starkey accepts a variety of electronic waste for recycling, including computers, peripherals (such as hard drives), monitors (CRTs), keyboards, printers, copiers, VCRs and DVD players.

?At Starkey, individuals with disabilities in the work program will disassemble?or demanufacture?these electronic items and sort the parts for distribution to recycling companies. Items such as monitors that are considered hazardous waste will be packaged and removed as whole units.

?As the exclusive vendor to recycle electronics for the Wichita school district?and with donations from the general public?Starkey?s e-cycling program processes hundreds of thousands of pounds of recyclable materials each year, including:

?E-Scrap (tin, steel, printers, phones, etc.)

?E-Components (CPU boards, cards, RAM)

?Computers (both full computers and laptops)

?Computer monitors/LCDs

?E-Alloys (gold, copper and aluminum)

?According to the Environ?mental Protection Agency, electronic waste is growing two times faster than any other waste stream.

?Donations of electronic items will be accepted at Starkey?s main facility at 4500 W. Maple, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Individuals wanting to recycle items should come to the north door of Starkey’s warehouse and ring the bell. Companies with many items to recycle should call in advance.

?Anyone with questions about potential donations can call Starkey?s e-cycling line at (316) 512-4243.?

I had a pickup load full and it was all unloaded by their people and very quickly. Luckily the rain stopped at the time, but I could have backed inside their building if it would have been necessary.


Since I had some time to kill while waiting for an appointment in Wichita last Friday, I thought I would look up an old friend with whom I went on a business trip to Taiwan, along with Timothy Kuo, in 1986.

He is the same old Fred, and has lived in the same house for 42 years. He is a real-estate developer and investor and owns a parking garage in downtown Wichita.

The management company that takes care of his garage is shutting down at the end of the year so he said he is going to a parking garage convention in Chicago. Never thought there was such a thing.

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