‘Railroad’ a big hit for Marion

I?m not as familiar with Grand Funk Railroad as some of the other bands back in the day, but the verdict is in: The headliner concert at this year?s Chingawassa Days in Marion was another big hit, according to people with whom I spoke. I overheard law enforcement estimating the crowd at 1,800 to 2,000.

When GFR turned on its amps I about jumped out of my seat. The volume was working. Very well.

The weather cooperated and the wind was a good thing. It kept the bugs at bay but not too windy to be a distraction.

  • I thought I had at least one vinyl album of Grand Funk but couldn?t find it. My idea was to convert it to digital so I could listen on iTunes. Hope I didn?t sell it at a garage sale 30 years ago.

  • Every now and then there is talk of a theater coming to Hills?boro. I?m sure the cost/risk factor has prevented it.

    My idea: Instead of building an expensive facility, find old cars that don?t run and park them in a field in front of a big screen and run it like a drive-in theater without the drive-in part.

  • The other day my right knee was causing some pain so I decided to take some Tylenol.

    I intended to take two pills, but since only my right knee was hurting I popped in one pill in the right side of my mouth and swalloed. Since it soon quit hurting, it must mean my new method works.

  • What you just read is the nonsense part of this column.

  • I say the phillips-head screw is obsolete. The new torx-head screws are the greatest thing for building anything.

  • I know I?m beating the price-of-gas thing to death in this column, but it?s something that won?t be going away soon.

    When you think about it, if 70 percent of the energy consumed in this country goes for transportation, and our U.S. oil companies control only about 5 percent of the world?s supply, we?re barking up the wrong tree having hearings in Congress. It looks as if our elected officials are doing something, but actually they?re doing nothing. Our political leaders from both parties haven?t had a meaningful energy policy for decades.

    It will take years to fix this problem even if we start with alternative solutions right now.

    No one wants to accept this, but slowing down on the highway is the best and only option right now until something revolutionary is brought to the table.

  • Now that I?m back to watching ?Ice Road Truckers,? Season 2, I stumbled onto ?Axmen,? which follows right after. Another hour?actually 45 minutes since I record it?a week I have to find to watch this show.

  • Turning water into fuel makes interesting reading but my limited research indicates it takes more fuel to separate the hydrogen from the water than it yields, hence not workable at this point. Also, isn?t there a water shortage, too?

  • We could drill for more oil here and build more refineries, but regulations prevent it.

  • This season the ice road truckers are hauling supplies and equipment north of the Arctic Circle, where they are attempting to establish a new natural gas field that surpasses any gas fields found thus far.

    Very interesting.

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