President’s night was impressive

I haven?t been to many college president inaugurations in my time?in fact, I don?t recall attending any until this past Friday night.

The inauguration of Tabor College?s 13th president, Jules Glanzer, was a most impressive evening and it didn?t seem at all like it took an hour and 40 minutes.

Lyndon Vix, chairman of the Tabor College board, did an excellent job of leading this spiritual and landmark event with humor mixed in at the right places throughout the evening. The music provided by the Tabor music department, including the soloists, was equally outstanding.

Judy Harder and her planning committee are to be commended for a job well done.

From the keynote speaker, Leonard Sweet, to the many other notables participating? including?three past presidents, the amount of talent in the gym for the inauguration was beyond compare.

I am glad I was able to witness how Tabor College makes way for a new president and a new century of its mission. Based on what I saw, Tabor College is still in very good hands.

  • Sometime when I have a spare moment I will try to learn what all the colors, tassels and regalia mean for the faculty and staff who were all decked out for the inauguration.

    It was a very impressive group of people, present and past, who were a part of the precession at the Tabor College gym on Friday night.

  • When I wrote about finding a toothbrush on West Grand I never in a million years thought the person who lost it would claim it, but it happened.

    Maybe I should start charging for some of the things I mention in this space.

  • I never really thought of it this way but being a little forgetful can be good for one?s health.

    I?d bet eight out of 10 times I get all of the way down the stairs at our apartment before I remember that I forgot to get the car keys off of the hook or forgot to take an apple to work, etc.

  • The Biggest Loser contest is finally over and I?m not the winner. But I never expected to win. I just thought it would be a good way to stay motivated with keeping up with my prescribed walking to keep the old arteries working as good as possible.

    I lost a whopping four pounds in four months, which equals one per month. My percentage of body fat is less than it was when I started, which is a good thing.

    They say it?s not safe to lose it fast, so at least I?m getting that part right. One thing I have noticed is that my pants aren?t quite so tight, which is all I needed to accomplish.

  • There is a big contest going on in Kansas sponsored by the Kansas Sampler Foundation to find out which sites in the state will be named one of the ?8 Architectural Wonders of Kansas.?

    There were 24 finalists named and Hillsboro?s own historic Peter Paul Loewen House (formerly known as the Adobe House) is on the ballot.

    According to Stan Harder, director of museums, you have until June 15 to vote online or by paper ballot. You must vote for eight sites for your ballot to count, just make sure the Loewen House is one of them.

    You can go to the Free Press site to vote by clicking on the ?VOTE: Loewen House, 8 wonders? button or pick up a paper ballot at the Hillsboro Museums visitor?s center.

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