Politicos should fix their ‘Cliff’?

The Fiscal Cliff is looming. At least that is the hottest topic being discussed in the national news these days.

What is totally baffling to me is that the people who have caused it—the career politicians— are the ones who are in charge of fixing it. They have known about this problem for years already and haven’t done anything about it.

So they do a lousy job, get to keep it and still get paid a handsome salary with better than average benefits.

In my opinion, we all lose no matter which way it goes. And if the world comes to an end on Dec. 21 the problem is solved.

When I’m out walking these colder mornings I am amazed at how many drivers do not clear off the frost from their windows and try to drive that way or with just a tiny peek hole in the front windshield. They even roll down the side windows a bit to look for cross traffic.

You have probably heard of defensive driving—there is also defensive walking.

Early in the morning on days when the frost has settled on rooftops, you can really see who has insulation in the attic and who does not.

And you can tell which areas of the house are heated and which are not. In my very simple survey, there are many more homes with insulation than those without.

It is also neat to see the contrails from jets traveling through the early morning sky that show up against the bright blue sky and then somewhat disappear into the hazy clouds but can still be seen through the opaqueness of them.

As I am driving down the roads and highways I often think to myself that many of the drivers who pass other cars at intersections must not have had driver’s ed from B.F. Pankratz.

That was a no-no in his book, along with other situations such as passing on a hill. He would say that your chances of hitting someone might be one in 600—but it might be on the first time you tried it.

If you haven’t made a bid on one of the gift baskets around town, I would recommend that you check them out and make a bid. The price you pay isn’t the deal, but rather that it will go to a good cause.

This was a great idea concocted by the business promotions group that also came up with “Down Home Christmas.”

With all of the hype about connecting with your customers digitally, there is still only one medium in our market—Marion County—that reaches men, women, young families, middle aged and older families and citizens of all income groups with every level of education.

That would be the newspaper you are reading right now. Nothing tops more than 86 percent readership of every household in our county and beyond. Nothing tops nearly 86 percent response to advertising like a free newspaper like ours does.

With our newspaper you can look at the ads when you want to, not like TV and radio that interrupt your watching and listening with ads when they want you to watch or hear them. And not like Internet pop-ups that annoy you while surfing.

The new way to watch TV is from a recording so you can click through the ads and limit them to a minor interruption.

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