Plenty to do over the week

Hillsboro First Menno­nite Church Pastor Tom Harder, his wife, Lois and their three daughters (Five times Harder) will present a concert of folk and bluegrass music Wed. night, July 24 at 7:30. Watch the fair parade down­town and then go over to the church at Ash & Grand; cool off and listen to great music. Open to the public.

I have cooled on my demo derby idea already. It would be better to go to the Marion County Fair this week on Saturday night to watch the experts put on a show.

Besides I can’t have another brain bleed which could very well happen at my age. And my neck is stiff enough already. The younger guys are better suited for this activity.

I can type much better now that I have keyboard covers with big white letters on black backgrounds on them. My office keyboard is hard-wired. The other keyboard is a blue tooth and my mouse is also blue tooth so I can sit in a chair in the living room and use the flat-screen TV as a monitor for my laptop that is plugged into the TV. Then everything is really big and easy to read. I learned all of these tips from Envision in Wichita.

My therapist also suggested that I use a three-ring binder to put my office keyboard on an angle so I could see the keys better.

Now I’m just waiting for the LED adjustable light that is going to make it so I can read newspapers and magazines again.

I tried one in the therapist’s office and it was the bomb—and I made a reader stand in my shop that looks crude but will work.

The Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair turns 50 this year—on Sept. 21.

If my memory is correct, I and my college roommate were vendors with our “Dead Steer Creations.”

I stayed up late one night to finish a chess/checkers table that I had stained with different shades of leather dye to make the squares and found a table that I repurposed for the checkerboard. think I sold it for $80.00. We also sold leather purses, watchbands and belts.

One can waste a lot of time on You Tube. There you will find many videos of police car chases, airplane videos of all types of airplanes, and so much music it would make your head spin. Mine is spinning right now.

Nancy bought one of the booklets that the Flint Hills tourism coalition was planning to sell at the Sym­phony in the Flint Hills, the event this year that didn’t happen because of the weather. It is full of BOGO offers for eateries all over Kansas towns located in the flint hills. We’ve been to one so far. Have a year to do it.

Diner: What’s that in my soup. Waiter: I better call the manager, sir. I can’t tell one insect from another.

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