Phone not worth a stuck hand

Have you ever stuck your hand somewhere it shouldn’t be and then couldn’t get it back?

Last week riding home from the KU Medical Center I thought I had dropped my phone between the passenger seat and the center console.

When I reached my hand in there and tried to find it my hand got stuck and I couldn’t get it back out.

I tried to move the power seat back and forth and then decided that could be a mistake and it was possible that I could crush my hand that way so then I just gritted my teeth and started to pull out my hand.

It took a lot of force to do that and finally retrieved my hand with some skin missing above my wrist.

At the next stop, Nancy found it just under my seat and not anywhere close to the console. Oh well, it will heal.

One of Hillsboro’s great citizens has passed away at the age of 83. Carol Wiebe was at the forefront of Hillsboro politics (locally, statewide and nationally) and Hillsboro economic development.

She, along with her husband Harold were Mr. and Mrs. Hillsboro for many years. Carol was also one of the founding members of Hillsboro Arts and Crafts which will be 50 this year. She grew up in Russell and knew Bob Dole on a first name basis.

There was a lot of standing water in the fields and rivers had overflowed the banks of many rivers following the downpours of last week. Most of the roads leading to US Hwy 50 and KS Hwy 150 were impassible due to the flooding.

I think the engineers got it right when they designed these roads and knew just how much elevation to use.

My Ophthalmologist at KU Eye said I didn’t need to come back for another year because he has done everything he can do for me.

In fact, he referred me to a low vision specialist in Wichita who may be able to help me with the sight issues that remain.

I am amazed at how hard it is to have vision problems after seeing well most of my life.

It all started with a tumor that was growing behind my left eye all of my life.

You should all be glad that I am planning to sell my truck and become a passenger from now on.

Still working on my turning lathe motor. Now I am not sure what the terminals BU and OR mean. I think if I put one wire on one of the terminals and then the other wire on the other it will either turn the right way or the wrong way and if it is wrong I will just switch the wires.

I have a 50/50 chance of being right.

Wife: Are you planning to take our car out in this rainstorm?

Husband: Of course, it is a driving rain.

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