Peaches can add pounds

This is going to sound odd, but fresh peaches cause weight gain. I am a big fan of peaches, but not canned speeches. I think a comedian said that once.

Getting back to the weight gain. My wife came up with a great new way to eat them. You cut them in half and put them on the grill face down for four minutes, then face up for four minutes, but not before coating them with cinnamon and sugar when they hit the grill face up.

Now, that’s some good eating. And don’t forget about slicing them up in a bowl with vanilla ice cream. To keep them on the healthy side, leave the skin on—unless you have the time to skin them. We don’t.

I may have said this before, but I have never had anything bad to eat at our house. Maybe bad for you, but not bad to eat.

Our All School Reunion committee met again this past week and just want you to know that the committee’s version of the Oracle will be arriving soon.

With the change in venue to the old gym at the high school and shifting the date to homecoming weekend (Oct. 7-8), it seems like there are too many details to make it happen like before. Practically, all is new.

We still have more to do with examining the mailing lists, which actually occurs each year; hammering out the details for a day at school and the homecoming game is taking a bit longer this time.

In case you haven’t heard, we are honoring the coaches and the players on the 1991 State 3A Champion Basketball team this year on the 25th anniversary of the first team in history from Hillsboro High to accomplish that feat. We also wish to honor the managers since they were also a part of that team.

It’s hard to believe, but some of those players now have kids who are playing basketball in high school and college.

I learn something about technology every day, it seems. I bought DVDs of some of our old VHS tapes from the high school kids who are pursuing an entrepreneurial track at HHS.

I was going to copy some of them for our kids, but when I slapped in a regular DVD there wasn’t enough room to make a copy.

That’s when I relearned about dual-layer DVDs. I sure miss Quick Flick, as I wasn’t able to buy that kind of DVD in town anymore—at least I couldn’t find any. The regular kind can hold about 4 GB of information and the dual layer can hold more than 8 GB of information, which was big enough.

I feel like I am caught up for a while with the things I need. I now have a magnifying glass with LED lights on it for that small print that has been eluding me for some time. I have a USB fan with a colorful kaleidescope of colors when it spins. Dual-layer DVDs and extra lens covers for all places I might need them.

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