Our postal workers are so helpful

It hit me while I was driving a postal route last Tuesday that I haven?t thanked the many dedicated, helpful and friendly folks we deal with at post offices around the county each week.

Once in a while I need to bat cleanup for our regular drivers, so I get to deliver the papers, after they have been verified at the Hillsboro post office, to the post offices in Durham, Ramona, Lincolnville, Marion, Florence, Burns, Peabody, Lehigh and Canton. The Florence post office takes care of Cedar Point; Ramona takes care of Tampa, and Lincolnville takes care of Lost Springs and Burdick.

When we occasionally are running behind because of electrical outages, weather and other obstacles, the postal folks do whatever they can to make our deliveries possible to you, our readers.

I know it?s their job to deliver the mail, but often they go beyond the call of duty to help us complete our task.


Power outages don?t affect the print version of the Free Press. You don?t need electrical power to read it. It doesn?t ever crash.


I am in the process of recreating a book that was printed in the 1980s before digital typography. Therefore, there aren?t any digital files available to format the reprint.

This particular book has Polish words with special characters such as the words Da?sk and Ebl?g. And not all fonts, like the one we use in the newspaper, even have these special characters, which you can see here.

These types of challenges make coming to work a lot of fun. I?ve installed a Polish keyboard and have found the special characters which are called ?acute, ogonek, stroke, umlaut? and a few more.


I recommend wearing shoes once in while that are too small. Then when you wear ones that fit, you?ll appreciate them more.


This might be interesting to those who wonder about how a business deals with Internet spam. Following is a report on the Free Press e-mail since the first of the year.

More than 21,000 spam messages were blocked this year?that averages to more than 3,500 per month and more than 116 per day. To compare, only five malicious e-mails have been caught, of which four were viruses sent to HFP. One sent e-mail was blocked due to file size.

The resources used to deal with spam and viruses are not insignificant?six scanning engines and their attendant definition lists are used to guard against malware?which is a generic term for viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.?one crowd-sourced (millions of participants working together to classify spam) engine and list to deal with spam.

HFP scans every incoming and outgoing e-mail communication at least six times. All of this is on top of the thousands of domains and network addresses our server simply will not ?do business with? because they are historically risky or suspect.


There is a revolutionary new camera scheduled to be released later this year that allows you to change the focus after the photo is taken. There is a demo website that shows how this works. It is amazing.

To see it, go to digitaltrends .com/photography/lytro-the-camera-that-could-change- photography-forever/.


To contact me with comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@hillsborofreepress.com.

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