Ordering prints is cheap now

I wrote earlier that we had about 350 wedding-related images from Dan and Katie?s wedding that came from at least three digital cameras/phones.

From those, Nancy said she would like to have about five prints made. I had uploaded the images to a site where you can share and buy prints.

Frankly, there were too many to pick from, so I decided to buy a print of each one. It is crazy cheap to do this these days and usually the shipping costs more than the prints themselves.

I googled a promo code for the company I was planning to purchase the prints from and found free shipping in addition to a 25 percent discount. So we?re talking less than seven cents per print. The whole lot was delivered for about $25. I said we could order additional prints and larger ones if we wanted them.

When the prints came via UPS, the box was quite large and very heavy.


I didn?t have room last week to describe the entire trip in my rental car from Dubuque to Midway airport.

When I finally did find gasoline, I didn?t know which side of the car the fill pipe was on, and naturally drove up to the pump with the wrong side next to it. So the hose wasn?t long enough and I had to make a big U-turn so the car would be facing the correct way. Sigh.


I am guessing most people who have never owned or operated a business don?t think about how much money it takes to keep the doors open.

For example, if a business grosses a million dollars a year, and makes a 10 percent net profit (if it is lucky), it would need to take in an average of $433 per hour or $3,464 per day or $17,320 per week just to break even. It would take 10 percent more than that to make the profit I mentioned earlier.

You can scale these numbers any way you like to arrive at other scenarios. A half-million-dollar business needs $8,660 per week to break even, assuming the same 10 percent profit margin.

I salute those in the category of business owner?large or small?who take on the challenge of trying to make the numbers work each and every day.


It makes operating a business a whole lot more fun when you have employees who treat the company like they themselves own it. I am pleased to say that we have people like that in our business, and I thank them for their efforts on our collective behalf.


It?s been a long summer without high school and collegiate sports, but that will change soon. You can read about our local area sports teams in next week?s edition of the Free Press.

Thanks to area coaches and our staff for working extra hard to make this special section come together for the 15th year.


If you have been around Tabor College lately you will see many improvements made over the summer, the most noticeable being the new concrete parking lot north of the Campus Activity Center. All of the large Tabor parking lots are now concrete which makes them very inviting for visitors and those who work and live on the campus.


I now have a corporate account with one of the major car rental companies. Too bad for them I won?t be using it.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@hillsborofreepress.com.

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