Online signups add email

The concept of signing up for stuff online takes only a second, and you can be inundated with emails beginning immediately. I receive emails and don’t know how they started.

To unsubscribe, on the other hand, can take up to a month, three weeks and other long lengths of time, which makes no sense to me as it is all computer generated.

The trip to Ellsworth last week yielded some new business for our company.

And we had lunch in Kanopolis at a terrific place, Orozco’s Portales Authentic Mexican Restaurant. The smothered burrito I had was excellent. If it wasn’t so far I’m sure we would go there again soon.

We learned the abandoned Wal-Mart building in Ells­worth, like the one we had in Hillsboro, will soon be a new location for the city’s lumberyard.

By the sound of things, the Tabor College fine arts center is headed for completion next fall, or at least in time for the performance of “Messiah.”

By the sound of things. I mean, we can hear them working at all hours of the day and night trying to move things along as fast as possible. The clanging of steel and concrete trucks coming in and out all day long are a few of the sounds we hear.

The KU-West Virginia game on Feb. 13 was almost a heart stopper. It may have been the most amazing comeback I have ever witnessed.

Many fans left early, which was a big mistake, not knowing what was about to happen.

I was texting son Dan, brother Mark and friend Dave most of the game long about this or that and I could hardly keep up.

My eye surgery is three weeks in the past now, and it will be four weeks by the time you read this column. Time is the best thing for all healing.

Hopefully, in the six weeks I have been given for recovery, all will be back to normal.

I still have the double vision, but I think it is resolving day by day, although when Nancy drives me down the street, the cars parked on the left side of the street appear to about six feet away from the right side of the street gutter.

That’s why I am not driving yet. It’s not safe for me to close one eye while driving.

There was this guy from Texas who said he could be in his truck all day and never get all the way around his ranch. The guy he was telling his story to said he once had a truck like that, too. (I have several pages of jokes from Texas that were addressed to “Joel, One-Eye Klaassen” from Lawrence, Kansas).

I received quite a few other jokes that I can’t reprint in this column because they are a bit ribald and not fit for a family newspaper.

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