One thing Facebook does well

There is one big thing that Face?book is good for, and has changed the world for the better. That would be for sharing photos with friends and family.

The rest of it, not so much. For me, it will never be about buying or selling anything, at least that is how I think at the moment.


Nancy and her mom and I went out for Sunday brunch in Wichita for Mother?s Day. We had a great time, even though we waited for an hour to eat.

We thought that by going early we would beat the crowd, as no reservations were taken for Mother?s Day. Unknown to me was the fact that the prices were jacked up for this day, but it didn?t matter.


During our wait at the restaurant, we met some wonderful people. As we were talking with two couples who knew each other, we learned that one of the women was from Tampa and knew all about Hills?boro. The other woman was very interested in Hillsboro and asked a ton of questions. I think she will be coming to the Arts and Crafts Fair this fall and will stop in Nancy?s store. The other one has already been shopping here.

They said they had both taught in Wellington for many years.


It?s the middle of May and I haven?t worn shorts yet. What has happened to spring?

Could be this week, though.


Speaking of the middle of May, the Hillsboro Middle School yearbook is finished and delivered, and I think it?s marvelous.

We tried some new software with the yearbook club and they all jumped in and did their thing. They developed a unique style for all of the page headings, such as, ?Table of Essence? instead of the table of contents; ?Snazzy Snaps? for football; ?Dashing Dribbles? for girls? basketball; ?Fashionable Finishes? for track, and many more creative headings throughout the book with the last, but not least, ?Jazzy Journalists.?

Now that we have one yearbook under our belt, next year should be even more interesting.


We had never been to a pre-school graduation until this past Friday night. I wondered, how could this be done?

Well, it was done very well. Each little boy and girl were given his or her due by a teacher. The children stated their name, their parents? names, their birthday and what they wanted to be when they grew up. The teacher would then give a short description of the child?s personality, and why he or she was special. And they were all special, indeed.


You can be looking for graduation photos of HHS alums from the classes of ?43, ?53, ?63, ?73 and ?83 in Hillsboro business windows this week in anticipation of the All-School Reunion on Satur?day, May 25.

As is the custom, the photos will be located at businesses that have a connection to one of the people in the class. Names will be available inside each business sporting the photos.

Deadline to make a reservation for the banquet is this Friday. You can show up the night of the banquet, but the ticket price will be higher.


Most weeks I make a list of notes as to what I will write about for the week. This week I just sat down and started typing.

It seems to work either way.


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