One of our guys does well

I couldn’t be more proud of our Newton Now managing editor Adam Strunk, who picked up a huge award at the Kansas Press Association’s annual president’s dinner in Topeka Friday night. Here’s a portion of the news release from Doug Anstaett, executive director of KPA: 

“Adam Strunk, managing editor of Newton Now, is the winner of the Murdock Award, given annually for outstanding journalism efforts aimed at local issues.

“Strunk’s investigative work following the firing of Newton’s city manager, Randy Riggs, helped uncover seven months of dealings behind closed doors, a taxpayer-funded private investigation into multiple city staff members and what some commissioners described as a breakdown in communication and trust between the commission and those the city employs.”

I would also mention that this award has not been won by any one representing a weekly newspaper in about a decade. All previous winners have been big daily newspaper employees.

Nancy and I got to witness this big event because Adam’s dad was ill and so he and Adam’s mom couldn’t attend. We used their tickets but it would have been nicer if his parents could have been there.

I have been a passenger in our car since about the middle of January.

Gradually, I started losing things out of my left pocket. First, it was one jump drive and then another. I thought I was losing them because I was always pulling my phone out of my left pocket and thought that is when the stuff started falling between the seat and the console.

My hand is too big to reach down there so after church on Sunday I moved the seat way to the front and there I found not two but three jump drives—even one I wasn’t missing.

Now if I could find the remote to my truck….

A very nice woman at our church stopped me afterward and asked if we could give her a ride home to get her other car key—she had somehow lost hers since she arrived with her passengers earlier.

She said she had retraced all of her steps and just could not find it. She even thought she may have accidentally dropped it in the purse of one of her passengers.

A while after I got home, my phone rang and she was calling me to tell me that she had found it—right where she had thought it might be.

I don’t know when the last possible day of frost might be, but I think all of our flowering trees have dodged the hard-freeze bullet this year.

My Marantz stereo/
tuner is about eight years old. I thought it quit working so I took it to a repair guy and he said it just needed a hard reset. I think I could use a hard reset, too.

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