One more use for duct tape

Smart phones with cameras and video have come so far in quality that for most situations they do just fine.

As soon as I figure out how to put my smart phone on a tripod I will have everything I need. In fact, I have figured it out; I just need to make sure I have enough duct tape on hand.


It seems we never fail to see someone we know when we happen to be dining out in other towns within 25 to 60 miles.


When the new Tabor Fine Arts Center is built it will be big for the college, the town and the area. The plans look awesome and based on Tabor?s past record of accomplishing what they set out to do with fundraising, it will be finished in due time.

I recognized the music on the video that President Glanzer showed at the Chamber luncheon on the project but couldn?t put a name to it. I think I still own the album where the music came from. It drives me crazy when I can?t think of the name of something.


We met the Wipfs in Wichita Saturday night to go to the Wichita River Festival to hear Mike Finnigan and the Phantom Blues Band. The stage was set up just north of Century II and we plopped down our fold-up chairs in a prime spot for the concert, which didn?t disappoint.

We have been attending concerts for years when Finnigan comes to town. The first time I heard him was at a place called Dearmores when he formed a band named the Serfs.

I had another bad parking garage experience after the show when I couldn?t seem to get out of the garage. I went in to get the car and bring it to street level, where the rest of the crew was waiting. They were having a good laugh at my expense.


I can?t remember the last time I wore a long-sleeved shirt on the first of June. Or a long sleeved shirt and a vest for walking in the third of June.


Just think about the swim team kids practicing in 50-degree weather, and who knows how cold the water is at this early point in the season.


Recently, I put a thing that I learned from my long-time bachelor Uncle Ben, now deceased, about keeping the table clean.

He would always put a newspaper down on the table when he ate so if he made a mess he could just throw it away. I?ve taken to using one for my spills.


Our state legislature needs to learn how to finish its job in the time allowed, or not be paid for going over the number of days allowed. Or they should just subtract the days over from the session the following year.

In due time they would have to skip a year, which wouldn?t necessarily be a bad thing.

Texas and a few other states convene every other year. This could limit the damage they do in some ways.


An author friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma needed to take cover in the most recent tornado outbreak that hit the Oklahoma City area.

She was grabbing her purse on the way to shelter, but then realized she didn?t have any pockets. So she grabbed a sheet of those return-address stickers that everyone gets in the mail and pasted them all over herself in case she blew away. That way the rescuers would know who she was.


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