One more thing on the saw…

One more thing, and that will be the end of me writing about my table saw.

I finally have it running again and I feel the need to share a little bit of stupidity on my part.

I don’t remember if I mentioned that the saw is a Sears Craftsman “100” Bench Saw model number 113.29992. After spending a bunch of time trying to navigate the website to buy a belt and a pulley, I came to my senses and went down to the local hardware store. I had both items and headed out the door in about two minutes.

The saw now purrs like a kitten after I MacGyver-ed the plate that aligns the motor pulley with the pulley on the shaft that is located on the other end where the saw blade is located.

I discovered there is actually nothing unique about a 2.5-inch-diameter pulley with a 5/8-inch bore and a V-belt pulley.

Sometimes I get emails linking to stuff online. I came across Jimmy Stewart telling a joke on YouTube that went like this:

An elderly man’s wife asked her husband of many years if he would remarry if something happened to her. He said he wasn’t even going to think about it.

After she asked him a few more times, he finally agreed to discuss the matter.

She asked him if he would sell the house.


Would he and his new woman sleep in their bed and would she get her car?


Would he let her use her golf clubs?

No, she’s left-handed.

I love the cooler nights, which means it’s time for football playoffs, caramel apples and curling up in a blanket to watch TV.

I have my own way of eating caramel apples. I eat and apple first, then chase it with a big spoonful of cara­mel dip.

It’s a lot different in the office now that Jerry Engler has retired. He was here for so long he became a fixture in the place.

He is a few months younger than me, so we could relate on the good-old days. He has had a great career as a reporter and writer for the Free Press, plus he produced three books of short stories while he was here.

I actually enjoy taking loads of junk to the transfer station in Marion. The guys there are the most friendly and helpful bunch you will ever meet.

Do you remember sitting in front of your parents’ black-and-white TV waiting for the test pattern to go away so you could watch actual programming again? I think there used to be a recorded version of the national anthem when they signed on again.

Yes, the TV stations—all three of them—used to sign off at night and be off all night.

Today, there are endless cable channels with nothing to watch—and they are on 24/7.

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