One more myth is debunked


The autumnal equinox is just around the corner so I figured it?s time to stand eggs on end again. We used to do this regularly on the first day of spring and fall.

Now Kevin, here at the Free Press, had to send a blog to me all about this egg-standing-on-end business that debunks the notion it has to be done on the equinox.

As a matter of fact, it can be done any time. It?s never easy to do. I have some tips to make it easier, but you won?t catch me trying this again.

Eggs-on-end.jpg Here is one of the photos I took after successfully setting up nine eggs on my mom?s kitchen counter probably 15 years ago or so. I was so proud.



The 40th Hillsboro Arts & Crafts festival is coming up soon. Sept. 19 as a matter of fact.

Believe it or not, I was an exhibitor at the first one and set up shop right in front of the Insurance Center.

A KU roommate and I formed Dead Steer Creations and made purses, watch bands, belts, coasters and other items out of steer hide that we bought for about $40 a piece. Back then that was a lot of money.

It was a very successful day for us; we took in several hundred dollars. The experience made for a great night on the town in Wichita.


Woodpecker eyeballs en?counter about 12 Gs when the beak hits a tree, or whatever the bird is trying to peck a hole into.

I read somewhere that at that amount of force, the eyeballs would come right out of their heads. But they don?t because each time they hit the target they blink at just the right moment and the eyeballs stay in tact.


Some people? eyeballs are different in size. Got word back after I put this in my column years ago that I had others taking the time to check theirs out after reading it.


The Hillsboro Trojan football team broke in the new field with a convincing two-touchdown margin of victory Friday night.

I was impressed all the way around?from the spirited play on the field by my Trojans to the amenities of the new stadium.

The view was excellent from anywhere in the stands. Can you imagine how torn up the old buffalo grass would have been after 3.5 inches of rain the night before? Except for the perspiration, washing the uniforms wouldn?t have been necessary this time.


Have you checked the relative size of your eyeballs yet?


Former Hillsboroan Jim Vanek writes a column for the Greeley (Colo.) Tribune called Gone Hunting.

Recently, he recounted some of the Hillsboro men who mentored him in his hunting pursuits.

You can read it at http://www.greeleytribune


I always hear about people wanting to put half-and-half in their coffee. If I still drank the stuff, I would want three-quarter-and-three-quarter.

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