One game turned into 12 hours

I did something this past Saturday that I hadn?t done for probably 20 years or longer. And I didn?t plan to do it on purpose. It just turned out that way.

At the outset, I planned to watch a little of the Red River showdown between Texas and Oklahoma and then get busy again.

I settled into my recliner to catch a little of the big game and 12 hours later, I was still in my recliner watching football.

There were four straight games I was interested in and by evening time my eyes were burning and my thumb was sore from clicking the remote at all of the commercial breaks to flip to other games.


With K-State, I thought maybe they had the skill, but not the will?until Saturday. And if KU?s defense doesn?t get any better, and soon, the season will take a precipitous turn for the worse.


Sitting in one spot that long gave me the opportunity to contemplate why Hillsboro?s Trojans defeated an unbeaten team Friday night?why K-State went from losing one week by more than 50 points to winning by almost 50?and why my Jayhawks fell prey to Colorado, which was a game they were supposed to win.


People who were in school when I was will remember our football coach Arlo Buller. As a youth, he overcame severe burns to his legs. After he was told he would never walk again, he went on to become a standout football lineman at Bethel College.

I will always remember what he told us about how things work on the football field. He said, ?It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of fight in the dog.?

I believe that?s the answer to why the three games I mentioned above turned out as they did over the weekend.


This week I am going to the clinic to find out what kind of shots I need to protect myself from illness this winter.

I learned on ?60 Minutes? Sunday night that people who were born before 1950 may have immunities that those born later might not have because of the types of flu going around in those early days.

So I am not sure if I need a regular flu shot, an H1N1 shot, a pneumonia shot or a tequila shot.


Some thoughts about oatmeal…. My winter breakfast almost always consists of a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and lots of raisins mixed in. We have experimented with name-brand oatmeal and the store-brand variety that costs three times less and have settled on the cheap stuff. I really can?t tell any difference.

My grandpa had a scoop in the chicken feed, of which I am reminded every time I scoop out my daily dose of oatmeal.


I don?t know if this has been thought of before, but I was thinking there may be some merit in adding Lipitor flakes or some of the other statin drugs that fight cholesterol into oatmeal.

It would probably have to be sold at the pharmacy.

If one started on it at an early age, some of the coronary artery disease might be eliminated or reduced.


Rumors are that Sonic is closing?and Wendy?s?and Pizza Hut. Well, of course, they close every night and reopen in the morning.

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