One belt is better than two

Most people, like me, need to wear a belt to keep their pants up. But two belts are not better than one.

The other day, as I was getting dressed for work, I was putting on my leather belt and when I got to the place where I was going to fasten it, I noticed I had already put on my flat canvas belt. Two isn’t always better than one.

Holidays always seem to alter our schedule at the newspaper. In order to have the paper come out the same time as usual, with a Tuesday holiday, we are finishing the paper on Saturday instead of Monday as usual so that we can do our usual Tuesday mailing operation on Monday so that it gets out the usual time on Wed­nesday.

I thought I had until at least Sunday to write this column but realized that it needed to be finished by Saturday. And since we had plans for Saturday, I am sitting in my home office early Saturday morning writing it.

You may remember that I wrote about my trip to the emergency room at the new hospital, when I hit my noggin on the neighbor’s porch rail and some concrete blocks.

I can’t believe it is two months already and my neck is still sore. And there is a permanent ditch in my head.

Our neighbors, the Giffins, and their little girl Rudy, have moved from next door to another Tabor-owned house across campus, and I am sure missing them.

But we manage to see them when they come here sometimes and we go over there to see them.

Rudy is a couple of months past a year now and is really getting to be fun. She walks and is starting to talk a little, too.

Nancy asked me what I wanted to do on Father’s Day. I said I would like to paint our picnic table with my paint sprayer.

It’s a great way to paint stuff, but it’s the cleanup that isn’t that much fun.

It’s an airless gun that minimizes the over-spray, but finding a day when it isn’t windy is hard this time of year.

I used the gun to paint a room at the Free Press where we stuff the inserts in the paper each week.

We moved a lot of stuff around to get that done. I had my plastic screw box full of all of my drill bits and different types of screw head bits there.

At the end of the project I needed to find that box, but do you think I could find it? I think I looked 10 times for it with no luck.

Finally, I went home to my shop to see if it was there and I found it where I always keep it.

I have no memory of taking it there, but at least I found it.

It would have taken years to accumulate the same set of useful bits that I have by now. I might have to start taking pictures of where I put things.

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