On the road again

We decided that I would take some short practice trips on the highway before I actually drove any distances.Since it has been nearly two years that I have driven on the highway.

Once I hit the road this past Saturday to drive out to the wind farm north of town and actually north of Durham, I realized that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Town driving is one thing but the highway is another. There wasn’t much traffic Saturday afternoon which was good.

I realized that I still need some glasses to make it better and we decided I won’t hit the highway again until I have my new glasses.

It’s looking now like that may be in mid November.

When you get up close to those turbines they look gigantic. My wife shared a video of the construction of those big units and here is the URL if you want to see https://www.facebook.com 11521167904835724/videos/526859514420917. It is fascinating how they are built which the video shows.

If you search for other videos of wind farms you may run across some other interesting videos like the young gal who climbs those things and hangs on the end of the blade with ropes such as those you would use for rock climbing.

And this feature video I found was of an actual rock climber who also climbs the wind turbines and fixes the blades. She virtually had no fear.

If these wind turbines had been around when our son Dan was rock climbing who knows if he would be climbing those contraptions now.

We have a weigh count scale at the Free Press that is probably more than ten years old now. The power adapter finally wore out where one of the prongs on the plug just fell off. So I called the company to get a replacement and they said I should also get a battery since the scale doesn’t work correctly without the battery being up to speed.

So I also ordered a battery.

The guy told me that the wires needed to be soldered to the battery.

This past week was the time to fix the battery so I thought it would be easy to bring my soldering gun from home and change it.

The problem was where was the soldering gun? I knew it was in the basement at one time but then I thought I remembered taking it out to my shop.

So I thought I would start where I last saw it in the basement. Not there, so I headed to the shop.

I looked all over but no gun, then I thought I may have done something stupid like put it in a drawer.

Sure enough, it was in a drawer.

I only needed the soldering gun to remove the wires from the old battery. Then I used clips and attached them to the battery. Then I crimped the wires to the ends on the clips and it is like new now.

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