Of course I believe in Santa Claus

If anyone asks me if I believe in Santa Claus, I say, ?Of course I do.? I?ve seen him a couple of times this year already. And a lot of little kids can read these days, so I?m not going to be the one who spoils it.

When I was a little kid, my mom told me that when I opened my presents I always said, ?That is just what I always wanted.?

I don?t remember it, but in retrospect, I believe that I said it in order to keep the gifts coming.

For sure there was one time when I got what I always wanted. It was an electrified jig saw that couldn?t cut your fingers, and I still have it. The cord has almost disintegrated and is cracked and crumbly.

Several years after I got it, the manufacturer quit making the correct length blades for it. So my dad created a spacer that allowed it to use shorter blades. I still have that saw some 60 years later. And we even have a photo of me grinning ear to ear with that saw by the Christmas tree.


I have noticed that people who are always late are often so much jollier than those who have to wait for them. (E.V. Lucas)


Bill Krause, former publisher of the Peabody Gazette, died this past week at 88. I always enjoyed his columns until he wrote one calling me a bad person for starting the Free Press. He took on anyone, mostly the government, and I agreed with what he wrote. He would have a heyday with the current political scene.

The Peabody Printing Museum he created is truly amazing, especially if you have worked with the equipment housed there. It is unfortunate he wasn?t able to enjoy it long.


I knew our Free Press sports writer Katie Morford was talented but found out this past Saturday night that she knows a thing or two about writing a stage play, too. She took ?The 12 Days of Christmas? song, with the help of a friend Amy Williams, and turned it into a masterpiece that explained what Christmas is all about. I can?t forget to mention a cast of more than 50 actors and singers from the church who were on their game that night, as well as Katie?s mom, Shari, who was directing traffic as the stage manager.

It was actually a dessert theater at the Hillsboro MB?Church fellowship hall with lots of special cakes and all things sugary and good, which were consumed in large quantities during the intermission.


I think if there was an option for checking ?no one on the ballot? in the presidential election in 2012, that category would win.


This whole tax issue in Washington might as well be put on the back burner until the tax code is fixed. Until all of the loopholes and cushy deals are eliminated, no one will be paying their fair share.


Can?t wait until the new Cameli?s restaurant is finished in Atlanta. We are seeing photos on the Internet of the walls now going up. So if everything goes as planned we will be able to dine there next April when we head for a conference in Atlanta.


Did you know that typing or reading the average text while driving takes your eyes off of the road for about 5 seconds, which at highway speeds, is the equivalent of your car traveling the length of a football field. Scary stuff.

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