Odd call made the difference

As I witnessed the KU-OU game this past Tuesday, I realized what a smart move Sooner coach Lon Kruger made on the Jayhawks in the final few minutes of the game that OU won quite easily.

Kruger put in a sub who fouled KU’s big center every time KU had possession of the ball. The sub eventually fouled out, but he succeeded in what he set out to do.

The result was a missed free throw, which was effectively a turnover, without KU scoring any points and let the Sooners back in the game.

I think other teams will do the same as the season progresses.

In the post game interview, KU coach Bill Self, said he knew what they were up to, but felt the big guy would at least make a few free throws.

Well, he didn’t, and the game is now in the books.

Wilt Chamberlain had the same affliction of missing most of his free throws in college. So, he changed to shooting them underhanded when he went pro.

Back in the old days, a lot of players shot them underhanded and most were improved shooters with that style of play.

This young man went into the big department store to buy his gal a Valentines present.

He thought a bottle of perfume would be nice, so the clerk produced a nice-sized bottle for $50.

The young man said he would like something smaller, so the clerk brought out another bottle that was smaller but also $50.

The young man then said, “Do you have a bottle for less money?” So the clerk produces a $15 bottle.

The young man says to the clerk, “Please show me something cheap.” So she gives him a hand-held mirror and says, “Here, look in this.”

Last week I wrote about the website ad that appeared in the Farmer’s Almanac. It tells readers about the three bad foods that can kill you.

So I looked up the website during the past week, and I still don’t know what they are, because I am not willing to watch an endless video that never gets to the point.

I am sure many of you have experienced this on some websites that want you to watch an endless video to find out what they are selling. I won’t do it.

And I also don’t believe in filling out surveys. Whatever time I have left on this earth won’t be spent filling out anyone’s survey.

And the choices for answers don’t always fit what I think, and therefore a big waste of time.

I love to get responses to things I write about in this column and I received a couple last week.

I learned that someone I know from the olden days in Hillsboro—who doesn’t live here now—watches the same TV shows I like. I also got a joke back that I had heard but forgot. I’ll try to include it next week.

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