Not easy being on same page

I am wondering if others have this problem with their significant others.

My wife and I are seldom on the same page when it comes to hearing just exactly what the other one said. OK, it is me.

The other day I had a meeting at 11:30 that I used to take my lunch to eat while we meet. Lately I just go home and eat when the meeting is over.

So I walk through the kitchen and see that we are having heated up pizza, I head to the back of the house and I hear, “Are you eating with a fork?” And I said, ‘No,’ because I thought why not pick up the pieces of pizza and eat with my hands—well, my mouth.

What she really said was “Did your meeting run short?” (Of course it did. That is why is got home so soon.)

Stuff like that keeps happening.

Ever since I told brother Mark about the Duo app for video calling, he and I communicate this way when we talk. He is always sitting in his arm chair rocker and is rocking back and forth.

So I politely asked him if he could switch chairs because it was making me dizzy. And so he did.

Then I was telling him about our new landscaping and was going to show it to him with my phone. I must have walked too far outside because my Wi-Fi dropped and the signal was lost.

When I went back inside, my Wi-Fi connection didn’t come back on, so it was asking for my password, which is long and not easily memorized.

I had to run in to our office and try to find the password so I could call back. This took a good bit of time and when I finally get hooked back up, he is calling and texting me to see if I had fallen down in the yard.

The answer, of course, was “No,” and we finished the conversation.

By the time you are reading this, we are almost back from our trip to the West Coast, again. I wasn’t planning to take my computer on this trip so am writing this before we leave.

This time we are flying to L.A. and taking Amtrak from L.A. to Tacoma, Wash., and then back home on Alaska airlines, which is nonstop from Seattle to Wichita.

Glad for the Boeing Connection so that there is daily flight service between Seattle and Wichita.

As much as we know about getting a driver’s license renewed in Kansas, we apparently still don’t know enough.

You can’t take a social security card that is laminated and if you have mail addressed to you for the purpose of getting a driver’s license, it can’t be to a post office box. And if you need to get your social security card replaced, you can’t get one through the mail anymore.

If you want to avoid some hassle, you might want to check out very carefully what you will need to get the job done the first time. At least we are only 10 miles away from the courthouse.

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