‘Nonsense’ read in the bathroom

I got to thinking after talking with son Dan in Austin, Texas, last week that I haven’t been very good at marketing my two decades of nonsense books very well from the get go.

He said that they are perfect for bathroom readers for anyone who has connections to Hillsboro who might want some insight as to what has gone on in these parts for the past twenty years. That is where I was wrong .

Books are a hard sell unless the author is famous which I have known for many years. One really has to pound the pavement to make something happen.

So with that said, I will set up shop at the farmer’s market next week to hopefully sell some books there to those who may not have bought any yet and have it in the back of their minds.

I may do this sporadically all summer, or not, but next week, June 6, is the first time I will attend the “sell anything” idea the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce has come up with for this market.

Hillsboro lost another good man last week at the age of 84. That man was Loren Groening, who was soft-spoken and an encourager of mine which I don’t think very many people know. Many times he asked me how things were going and always offered words of encouragement.

I wish I had gone to see him more often in his later years.

I have several of Uncle John’s Bathroom reader books in my library and I have always enjoyed reading them.

I think the “The Two Decades of Nonsense” books fit that bill and the money paid for them ($35 of the price has gone to a good cause, the Free Press/Joel Klaassen Journalism Scholarship for senior HS students in the Free Press distribution area beginning in 2020. And $2.98 in sales tax goes to the taxing bodies in Kansas, for a total of $37.98). $14,000, or in that neighborhood, is already in the account and I wish to thank everyone who has helped out thus far.

It only took Frontier Airlines a week to find my baggage and get it back to me.

This was between Austin, Denver and Wichita. The holiday in there didn’t help any.

I just noticed that they added a hole in my baggage for no extra charge.

It was great to have grandson Alex and his parents here over the past weekend. Son-in-law George got to see everywhere we can dispose of stuff in Hillsboro—the tree dump and compost pile, the recycling center and the transfer station in Marion.

I think he was amazed that the three areas in Hillsboro were open all times free, and the Transfer Station ­­accepts C&D for 2¢ a pound. In Atlanta it would have been impossible to do what we did in the same time.

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