No need to cheer for Mizzou

I didn?t root for Missouri once during the Big 12 title game on Saturday night.

Since whom I cheered for had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome, it made no sense to cheer for Mizzou. That a Missouri victory helped KU?s chances for a better bowl invitation had nothing to do with anything.

It does show there is very little room at the top. When the stakes are high, whatever happened before is meaningless.


It is always great to have son Dan home for a few days. It is also fun to have his buddies over for a meal and hear about the shenanigans they pulled when they were just out of high school and sowing their oats.

I?m jealous I didn?t think of some of the stuff they did.

  • When the state switched from four to eight years on driver?s license renewal, I thought that was a great idea. Eight years goes by quickly, as I just got the renewal notice again.

  • Do snakes sneeze?

  • Smoking bans are escalating all over Kansas now. The latest place to enact one is Newton. Other nearby towns are considering doing the same thing.

    In a perfect world, such laws would not be necessary.

    If common sense and thoughtfulness were the rule of the day it would be a wonderful world. But as we all know, common sense is in short supply.

    The whole smoking issue is a spicy meatball. Anyone who is informed about the problems caused by it would agree that the whole world would be better off if no one smoked.

    I smoked when I was 18 years old until I was 26. I quit at the time we bought a new car and didn?t want to smoke it up. It was May 7, 1972. Other reasons were that we had a young child in the house, plus it was expensive. It also didn?t seem right that my lungs would hurt when I got up in the morning.

    I understand why people smoke. It feels good to have that nicotine-enriched smoke hit your lungs. It is an addictive habit and is very hard to quit. When you add the risk of fire and health problems on top of the annoyance caused by the smoke itself, there is really no argument that can prove it is a good thing.

    Smoking is still legal and a good source of tax revenue for government, but the bans have a place. The freedoms of others end where my nose starts.

    Taxes to change public behavior are nothing new. Congress and the statehouses have encouraged and discouraged behaviors for years in this way.

  • I dislike going into places that smell of stale smoke now. However, back when I was a smoker, I couldn?t smell how badly these places really smelled.

  • If you like or wish to compare your town with other towns here is a handy Web site to explore:

    The site uses data from the U.S. Census to provide lots of useful information.

    You can compare your town with up to 20 other zip codes. Compare educational achievement, marital status, stability/ newcomer appeal, household income, occupation, unemployment and more.

    For example, more than 50 percent of Hillsboro residents have lived in the same house for more than five years and the median household income is $35,183. Only 2.1 percent is unemployed and 8 percent live below the poverty line.

  • Do horses eat fried chicken?

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