No kitchen time after big mess

Listen to this. I have been officially banned from our kitchen by my wife after my attempt to make Russian pancakes for supper the other evening.

I must be getting clumsy in my old age as I made quite a mess of the kitchen.

I wasn’t believing the mess but she said there was flour in about a half dozen places. Not to mention the full cup of milk I spilled on the counter.

I found that the result of the spilled milk was im­pres­sive because it just sat there and didn’t run off—which means the countertop is perfectly level.

I text the grandsons after the weather they had this past weekend—snow in Ashville and cold rain in Athens. Louis thanked me for my concern and was happy that he could stay home where it was warm for a couple of days with a foot of snow. Alex didn’t like the 40° rain and would rather it had snowed.

I did a terrible job of explaining how the books and the scholarship work.

Buying a book is not a donation to the scholarship fund exactly though it is indirectly. It is not tax deductible to buy the books because you get something tangible for your money according to the IRS.

I personally funded the scholarship up front so that the fund could begin earning money right away for the scholarship distribution in 2020. And not knowing if I could sell 300 books or so at $35 per set I was willing to take that chance.

Since the checks for the books go to me and checks to the foundation go to the foundation, I am not able to give you a book or books if the check is made out to the foundation. I hope this makes sense.

This past Saturday was my official release of my books of columns “Two Decades of Nonsense, Volumes I & II” at Rhubarb Market. I’m glad it was there as my hot chocolate, chocolate chip scone and Coconut Macaroon were out of this world good.

I want to thank my Free Press people for their support and wife Nancy for driving me to Kansas City on Friday to pick the books up..

Also, thanks to Carl Belgiere for making it happen at the book company in a short time from final proof approval.

I also want to thank my loyal readers who purchased a book or two.

If you missed the release event this past Sat­urday at Rhubarb Market you can always stop by the Free Press to pick them up and avoid the shipping.

We accept cash, check, or credit card. Might as well get one now as the price will not be discounted on these books says the author.

I would consider signing books at other locations around the county. If you want to contact me via my email address below, I would be happy to discuss .

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@

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