No coffee, no more headaches

What I am about to write here may be unbelievable, but it is completely true.

In April 1996 I quit drinking coffee and I have not had one natural occurring headache since. I just never have a headache, which is really nice.

I used to get really bad ones. I think it may have had something to do with the coffee. Especially when I was drinking 10 cups a day.

When I got up in the morning I had a headache and the cure was coffee.

So it was both the cause and the cure.

I should have put a footnote with the no headaches since 1996. I actually had one in 2004, but it was caused by nitro under my tongue for my ambulance ride to Wichita Heart Hospital. But that was really the only one in all these years.


The first time Louis and Alex and I played Scrabble, while they were here for Christmas break, Louie got to play first. When he played the word ?taco,? Alex asked if we were going to play in English or Spanish.


Nancy had heard somewhere that it was less messy to pull the seeds out of a pomegranate under water. She had tried it and it worked.

I immediately said I didn?t know we had a body of water in the house big enough to pull that off.


I had a small accident while siding my new shop while George was helping.

With the temperature above 40 degrees one day, it was warm enough that the ground was quite gooey and wet.

So my shoes wouldn?t get so muddy, I leaned my extension ladder against the building and put a piece of plywood under the ladder feet.

All of a sudden the ladder feet slipped and the ladder started coming down. Luckily, the brick mold trim over the walk-in door caught the top of the ladder and stopped the fall.

When the ladder stopped, my shin crashed into the rung on the ladder. As Chris Farley would say, ?That is going to leave a mark.?

There was a dent on my shin for a while, then it soon went away. How lucky can I get?


This could be the idea of the year?or at least a very good idea. I read in the Harvey County Independent that one of the guys in Harvey County who runs the Lakin Township road grader has installed a big magnet on the back of the grader blade. When he goes down the road, it picks up all of the metal that usually cause flats when it ends up in someone?s tires.

He got the idea from a cousin in Valley Center Township who drug a magnet behind a 7-foot chain on his maintainer.

In about 4.5 miles, the magnet picked up about 10 pounds of scrap metal, including screws, bolts, wire and tools?all stuff that causes flats. The next improvement is an electromagnet that will allow him to just cut the juice and drop the stuff off.

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