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I know many people are aware of our interest in better Internet options for Hills?boro. This past November we hosted a meeting at the Scout House to discuss the topic. About 30-40 people showed up to learn about what could be done.

We were interested in fiber for the whole town?including each residence?and pursued it aggressively for about six months. At this point, we have not found the answers we were looking for but there are some positive signs of future developments. The ?we? is the Hillsboro Development Corp. executive director and me.

We have been meeting with Dennis Weese of Eagle Com?muni?cations to see what they will do to improve our Internet services. He is planning to explain what EagleCom?s plans are for Hillsboro at a public meeting at 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 24, at the city building.

You are invited to hear firsthand what is in store for the community?s Internet.


A standing joke for the past 35 years at our house has been my plan to refinish our round oak dining room table that I inherited from my Grandma Klaassen. I?ve probably said 100 times that I was planning to do this.

Well, I just finished refinishing it this past weekend.

The hardest part was putting on the finish. It took seven coats but not because I wanted to put that many on. It was because it just never looked quite right, so I had to keep doing it to get it smooth and to look presentable.


Several weeks ago we took a trip down to the Blue Rose Cafe on the Arkansas River in downtown Tulsa to see the Allman Brothers tribute band for which brother Mark plays bass.

The heat was overwhelming and it really never cooled down the entire night. They had mist machines with fans but we never got any relief from it. The weather was hot and so was the band. I was impressed with the sound and would like to hear them again.

We stayed in a Marriott Courtyard Hotel downtown that was converted from an old insurance building a couple of years ago. The room was nice. It was on a floor that still had the old look of the office building it once was.


We just finished a conference call with the president of Circu?lation Verification Council of St. Louis to review our new circulation audit and what the new audit means.

I believe the most meaningful statistic is that our readership has grown to almost 84 percent and response to advertising in our publication is also at the 84 percent level.

All of our scores exceed the national averages for a publication such as ours. Our audits now cover 10 years of publishing history.


Last week I invited readers to send me post cards from wherever in the world they might originate. The first post card came Thursday from Hillsboro, no less?and it was a post card I was responsible for printing back in the early 1990s.

Here is a link to the post card for those of you reading this column on the Web. And here is the Web address to the page it?s on:


Cooler weather means football is in the air. I can?t wait for it to begin.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is

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