New fan of Arena Football

Arena Foot­ball wasn’t on my radar until two Saturday nights ago, when I watched the Wichita Force play the Omaha Beef. Anthony Daniel, former football player and coach for the Tabor College Bluejays, started on kicks and punts on both sides of the ball. He wears No. 4. Hoping to go see the team play when it comes to Intrust Bank Arena.

We have a new neighbor. Her name is Rudy and she was born to Tanner and Casie Giffin April 1. I had the honor of holding her recently and I must say she is truly a bundle of joy. I am amazed at how small newborn babies are.

Nancy has gotten to hold Rudy more than once.

A couple of Sunday mornings ago, I saw this black chicken on our back porch. I’m no spring chicken, but I’m sure this one was. It roamed the back­yards of everyone on the block for the past few weeks until the owners were able to capture it. I briefly had thoughts of a chicken dinner, but just couldn’t do it.

I had fish tacos for lunch at the park in my truck last week. It was actually the Tabor College Park and I was parked in front of our house. I had a CD playing and the weather was great, so why not?

Crap Internet kept me from streaming the arena football game to my TV. It was constantly buffering and choked so much I almost didn’t want to watch. I have the 10 megabit down DSL plan with Cen­tury Link, which should be plenty robust for streaming, but theirs is not.

I checked out the Wichita Force website and learned that Western Associates is a sponsor of the team, as is our printer of the Free Press, Valley Offset.

Kid Scoop, our feature page to help kids read and learn, will continue through the summer. We are working on a plan to keep them involved through­­out the vacation months.

We have a little remodeling project going on in our kitchen. I think my favorite tool of all time is a sawsall. With it you can saw through nails like they are butter.

The other night I was going through our walk-in door into the garage from our backyard and lost my balance. Not wanting to hit the ground I grabbed the door knob and all but pulled the door apart. The glass panes were hanging out precariously but still somewhat in tact.

I actually dreamt about how to fix it and put it back together the next day; however I did not use my dreamt-up plan.

Hillsboro school kids are smart enough to get a day off from school. We never figured out how to do it in my day. Congratula­tions to USD 410 for achieving the Governor’s Award.

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