Never too early for reunion

You heard it here first. The HHS?All School Reunion Committee recently met and decided to change not only the venue but the date as well.

We are moving the date of the reunion to the weekend of the Hillsboro High School homecoming football game, which occurs in late September or in October.

It makes sense because it is a high school reunion and what better time to gather than at the annual homecoming weekend.

Memorial Day weekend had many conflicts and the new date just opens the door for many more options for weekend activities.

Because most of the people who attend remember the old high school gym, we are going to have it there instead of the commons, which did not provide enough room for everyone to see what was going on.

And this gives everyone four to five months more to plan for the 2016 event.

Hillsboro MB?Church was a great venue but we think everything ties in so much better at the school.


If you were hoping for goulash and lime Jell-O with peas in it, you may be disappointed as I?m sure that is not what we will be having.

Those were two items I remember being served in the cafeteria.


We will be able to have the golf tournament and the 5K run to benefit early childhood education, plus more things to do we haven?t nailed down yet.


The official date will be announced on the Alumni Association landing page tile, which is located on the Hillsboro Free Press home page.

We would announce it now but the official homecoming date for 2016 has not yet been decided by the school. It has been indicated that the date will be announced very soon.


They keep talking about deflategate so I am going to weigh in on it again.

With all of these games that are played in the high temperatures at the beginning of the season, would the footballs now be overinflated due to the heat giving someone the call to cry inflategate?

If there was a deflategate for the game between the Patriots and the Colts, I maintain that the referees had to be in on it, too. They handle the balls on each down so why didn?t they say something about the balls being underinflated?


My son is a very smart person. One night during our shower remodel, we didn?t have time to put up the temporary plastic surround.

I got the brilliant idea that there were what looked like two old washer hookups in the basement; I thought if we hooked the garden hose to them we would have a nice hot shower.

Both of the faucets were cold water. So, Dan just hooked up one hose to one cold faucet and the other to the water heater drain and we each enjoyed a hot shower after all.


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