Neighbors still enjoy each other

I think it is special to have special neighbors and share in their lives. We are fortunate to know the Giffins, who were our neighbors to the north for more than a year and then moved across the Tabor campus to other Tabor housing that was more suitable for them.

During whole process, Nancy took care of baby Rudy when her mom Casie was going to school in Rudy’s first year. During that time I was lucky to be able to help her dad, Tanner, with crib stuff and instal­ling baby gates and loaning tools for other projects.

Well, Rudy just turned 2 and we were invited to her birthday party in Park City with a host of their relatives and friends.

I shot this photo of Rudy at the party when she was very occupied with sliding down the slide that was there.

I just noticed that her face is covered with frosting which is what happens when little kids eat birthday cake. She is very experienced when the cameras pop out, because as if on cue she says “Cheese” when I clicked the shutter.

Many times they all come over to our house or we go to theirs. When they were at our house one time I tried to get her to say, “Schmeck Gut” and she wouldn’t do it.

A few days later Tanner sent me a text with a video. He was asking her what do we say when something tastes really good? With a little coaching she says “Schmeck Gut.”

Then she looks at her dad and I think she said, “Joel say dat.”

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the shrubs and cedars in the front of our house are now gone.

I’ve been sitting in my recliner in our house for so long it seemed like it was time to do something.

So I have this big chain in my shop and thought I would wrap it around the base of the bushes and yank them out with my truck.

There was only one problem: I couldn’t find my ball hitch to hook the chain to, so I improvised and used a big sturdy bolt instead. It took about four attempts to get the job done.

Don’t tell anybody but I only fell down one time and wasn’t hurt.

This weasel goes into a bar and the bartender says they don’t get many weasels that come in, so he asks what he can get for him.

“Pop,” goes the weasel.

This termite goes into a bar and asks “Is the bar tender here?

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