Need help with vets project

We are asking the public for some help with our veterans book. The deadline is looming for accepting photos?next Tuesday, July 10, to be exact.

We need help with missing information. We have some photos that we have found on our own, but do not have any details; we hope our readers can help us.

Please look at our ad on Page 5 that has a list of names. Can you help with information about these veterans?

We are in the range of 2,000 photo at this point. All of the service photos we have requested and have received will be accompanied by information beside their names. However, we may have to choose from the many candid photos that have been contributed.


I don?t know what got into me since we?ve been having this 100-degree weather, but I bought a toboggan at Thee Bookstore?s final sale. It wasn?t part of their regular merchandise, but be?longed to a friend and was up for grabs.

I think it appealed to me because I had many fun experiences riding those things as a kid in Minnesota. It needs some fixing, but I can always use another project to keep me out of trouble.

And who knows, it may snow some Christmas vacation when our grandsons are here for a visit. I know they would have some fun with it?and me, too.


Someone dropped an envelope with my name on it in our office mail slot with photos in it. I have no idea where they came from and who is in the photos.

If the person who did this is trying to mess with my mind, it?s working.


Green apples are supposed to cause a stomach ache. At least that?s what everyone said when I was a kid?and I?ve heard it all my life.

Even when I bought some at the farmers market Thurs?day, someone said it. I can tell you from experience that I have never had a stomach ache from eating green apples. And I?ve had quite a few in my day. So there.


I think excessive heat day after day is bad for the attitude. Something about oppressive heat causes one to feel like not doing anything.


It?s pretty well understood that I firmly believe in shopping locally wherever and whenever I can. If not in Hillsboro, then in the county; if not in the county, then in the state; if not in the state, then in the country.

You get the picture.

I have strayed pretty far from this mantra with one of the book-printing projects I?m shepherding. I have a client out of state who asked me to find a printer in China to print one of their titles that was an unusual format and didn?t fit any printer that I know in the U.S.

Actually, I am on the second book in China, having completed one in 2011 for the same company. The second one is very much like the first.

The gentleman I have been working with in China actually lived in the U.S. for about eight years, so he speaks English fairly well. I communicate with him via e-mail and Skype. If I call in the evening here, it?s tomorrow morning there.

Thanks to the Internet, it?s no different than working with someone across the street. The time it takes to send files is the same. The biggest difference is the shipping time via ocean freight.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is

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