Native son on cable TV show

I like to watch ?Myth Busters? on occasion. The most recent episode I watched involved someone who has a Hillsboro connection.

This past week it featured James Wiebe, the son of Katie Funk Wiebe and a brother to Joanna Wiebe, whom I knew from Hillsboro High School and the Wichita Sun newspaper.

James is an entrepenuer who has invented a host of computer devices, such as the WiebeTech RTX storage system, which we use at the Free Press. He also owns the Belite Ultra?light Airplane Co. and one of the models was used on the show to prove or disprove a myth.

The premise of the myth was that if the skin of an airplane was mauled by a bear in the woods, could it be fixed with duct tape and flown out to safety.

The answer can be seen here:


By writing my column early last week I am thrown off of being current this time. Our sales staff and I attended the free paper conference in Des Moines, Iowa, two weekends ago.

On the way back we watched the Tabor College vs. Bethany football game going down I-35 by using our wi-fi hotspot and linking to the game through the Free Press website.

Actually, I just listened since I was driving.


How will the game between KSU and Oklahoma turn out this Saturday?

Here?s my take. Some would think that since OU lost last week they will not want to lose again this coming game.

I believe Bill Snyder will have his players thinking that since they have been beaten once that they can be beaten again.


I honestly believe the Tabor football program will turn around way before the KU program does.

The Bluejays have won the second half in its last two games ?it?s just that they lost the first halves by a bigger margin.


I am getting ready for the Great Pumpkin Race this Saturday in Hillsboro. I don?t know what came over me but I ordered a mask for the event and am looking to improve on my finish, which was dead last in 2010. But it was good for second in my age group since there were only two of us.


Thank you to Margo at the Marion Chamber Office for e-mailing a link to a September report from the Kansas Depart?ment of Labor that I found interesting but much too long to print here.

We?ll go with a few highlights.

Marion County is currently at 5.5 percent unemployment while Wilson County in southeast Kansas is highest at 10.1 percent and Gray County out west is lowest at 3.2 percent. The state average is 6.6 unemployment.

Five of the 11 major industries reported statewide over-the-month job losses. Con???struc???tion lost the most at 2,800 jobs, a 4.8 percent decrease. Losses were spread throughout the sector.

Six of the 11 major industries in Kansas reported over-the-year job gains. Education and health services gained 5,800 jobs, a 3.2 percent increase. These gains were mostly in health care and social assistance.

If you wish to see the entire report for all of Kansas just follow this link: LMIS/newsrel/pr1109/pr1109. html

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is

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