Nation?s problems deep-rooted

The problems we have been having lately in this country didn?t crop up over?night. Right now the big issue is health-care reform, or health insurance reform, or whatever you?d like to call it. I don?t believe the outcry against it is a result of this one issue.

Big problems have been brewing for many, many years in Washington, D.C. Both parties are in the pockets of special interests, and each has its own special groups to protect?that is how their bread is buttered.

Neither party is immune from this and both are responsible for running up massive debts that in my view are unsustainable.

The solution? Replace the big spenders.


We?re always looking for ways to improve our products and I think we are on to something with this year?s fall, winter and spring sports preview sections.

We?re limited by press configurations, by time and money as to what we can do, but we decided to run all team photos of the six area high schools and Tabor College in color.

That in itself isn?t the hardest part. Many hours have gone into the writing, photography and production of the pull-out section included in this week?s edition.

I wish to thank everyone, from coaches to Free Press staff members, who worked tirelessly to bring it to you.

Last, but not least, our advertisers have made it all possible. When you consider a purchase or need a service, they would appreciate an opportunity to take care of you.


Another new venture to be undertaken this fall by our sports department (Don Ratzlaff and Andrew Ottoson) is to report immediate football news via Twitter for Marion and Hillsboro high schools as well as Tabor College.

The address for following these updates is included in the Extra Point fall sports section.


I don?t remember the year, but at least 25 years ago I participated in a Chamber of Commerce skit, or whatever you want to call it, with three other guys at the Tabor College chapel.

Andy Friesen and Jerold Vogt were two of the guys, but I can?t remember the third one. We showed up backstage prior to the convocation and took our shirts off while someone painted eyes, noses and puckered-up mouths around our belly buttons. Then we pumped our stomachs in and out to the familiar tune of ?Bridge Over the River Kwai.?

I found the picture while I was looking for the photo I had taken years ago of M.C. Hammer outside Radio City Musical Hall on his way to the Rainbow Room following the ESPY awards.

Just to prove it, my part of the photo is reprinted here?.

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