Music adds to daily walking

I?m still trying to walk two miles per day. Seems like it gets harder to find the time. It is much, much easier to just say ?tomorrow.?

The best thing I have done for myself so far was to purchase and iPod and load my tunes on it. I shuffle them so I don?t know which one is coming next. The earbuds that came with the iPod are long worn out already. They simply disintegrated from the moisture from my ears. OK, the sweat ruined them.

My new earbuds are better quality but probably not as safe because they pretty much drown out all of the outside sounds, such as cars and trucks.

I try to watch out for them, though. One day I was walking across the intersection at Grand and Ash. I saw Nancy walking across Grand and Main, a block away, and she stopped. Later she said she wondered who that old guy was that just walked into a car at the stop sign.


I was wondering how many miles might be on the shoes I?ve worn for at least three years. I figure if I walked only every other day, that?s 365 miles per year. So these shoes have more than a 1,000 miles on them.

When I took a close look at them recently, I noticed the sole is wore through on one shoe and the padding on the inside is worn off in places. They weren?t cheap shoes, so I believe quality wins when it comes to shoes.


Have you ever wondered if tires on a potato chip delivery truck last longer than one that hauls batteries?


We still haven?t gone to a concert at the new arena in Wichita. I have a hard time paying such high prices for a ticket. My threshold is about $25, so I won?t be going anytime soon.

We did see the Beach Boys in Wichita at the Old Forum, which is where Century II now sits, I believe. The year was 1964 and Brian Wilson was unable to perform that night. Filling in for him?and during 1964-65?was none other than Glen Campbell of ?Wichita Lineman? fame.


The Marion County Fair is 80 years old this year. We were reminiscing the other day about when it was still downtown. The Tilt-?A-Whirl was at the north end of the 100 block of North Main. I suppose so one could throw up in private.


This is the final chapter on the ?78 Firebird. Millions of guys in this country could say, and have said, ?I wish I had never sold that car.? That applies to this one.

We sold it because the money was needed elsewhere. All it took was an ad in the old Advocate and it soon had a new home.

We always wondered what happened to it. We had heard it was driven into the ground but have no evidence.

Then, one day a friend of Dan?s told him he thought he saw it in Strong City in one of the bays at the gas station along the highway. When I went by one time I stopped and looked and it was there.

Later, we heard it was in Cottonwood Falls, so I went there with the hope of buying it back. By then it was really rough looking. I found the parents of the owner, who said it wasn?t for sale. We still have the photo and that will have to do?for it?s never coming back home again.

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