More ways we hear our music

I ran out of space last week when I was writing about all of the ways we listened to music.

I didn’t mention the 8-track tape, the cassette tape—I still have a boatload of those I still want to convert to digital—the iPod and mp3 and for the PC devices, the .wav music audio files.

Until the digital world came along everyone had to buy the music. Now, with YouTube and others, you can watch and listen to music for free via Chrome cast and many other devices on TV through your sound system, phone and what have you. And if you are so inclined you can download the files for free.

This doesn’t help the musicians pay their bills. I usually try to buy CDs after the concert when I hear the music live.

This joke is set in a 20 years ago time.

Why were there so many Bartels, Funks, Friesens and Schmidts in the Hills­boro phone book?

It’s because they all had phones.

Nowadays there aren’t many names in the phone book, as most everyone has a cell phone and those numbers are not listed.

We kept our home number and ported it to Google Talk, which is totally free. It is no longer listed in the phone book—no phone book that I know of and who uses a phone book anyway? Actually, I do. I have many old Hillsboro phone books to do a little research when I need to do that.

And then we both have our individual cellphone numbers. Our home number rings on both of our phones and the first one to answer gets it. If the wrong one of us answers it, we have to ask the party to call again; I won’t answer if it is for Nancy, and vice versa.

October is a big birthday month for our families. My sisters have, and my mom had, birthdays this month and Nancy’s mom and brother were born during October.

Basketball season is heating up again for the Jayhawks—I should be writing about football but there is nothing to say.

They are picked to win their 14th consecutive Big 12 basketball title, and I am not doubting that they will.

Can’t wait for the season to begin.

I bought the preseason basketball book put out by the Journal World, but haven’t read it yet because the type is too small for me to see without a magnifying glass. At least there are many large photos to look at and big headlines to read.

We have a definite need for Tabor College’s Shari Flaming Center for Fine Arts to be completed. Quite a few events, such as the Lifelong Learning programs for senior citizens, and the mayoral town hall this past week, would have been much better in a new venue due to open in December.

Workers were on site even on a Sunday morning, trying to complete the fine arts center on time.

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