More on the saga of the saw

More on the table saw from last week. I was trying to find the model number when I discovered I had put the table top of the saw on backward.

After I found the model number and went online, I learned the saw vintage is about the same as me. No wonder it is so rusty and old looking.

I found a diagram of the unit online, but when I printed it out, it was very difficult to read what was what.

I decided to go into the company’s chat room and discuss my questions with a representative. Before I knew it, I was receiving information about oven controllers.

I think the person was chatting with two people and got me mixed up with someone else.

The next thing, all of my online activity had information about oven controllers popping up in whatever I loaded after that point.

For now I have given up on fixing the dumb thing. Except I do need to attach the top of the saw correctly.

Maybe I’ll just do that and use it for a table.

Nancy and I took a fast trip to Des Moines this past week to take in the MFCP fall conference. I wanted to see a few people, and accomplished that.

We ate at a Texas Roadhouse because it was close to the hotel and didn’t require any more driving that day.

We split a meal and there was still a lot to eat. I know they serve large meals to justify the price, but that might explain the size of a lot of us.

Something I never thought I would do was take a class in tai chi. We started it last Tuesday night. I am looking to improve balance, which tai chi is supposed to help one achieve.

After driving through Kansas City during the mid-week rush hour, I believe driving in KC is almost as bad as driving in LA. It isn’t quite as fast, but just as unnerving.

I have heard talk of raising taxes on the wealthy. To my way of thinking, that’s just like raising prices on many things we buy as the wealthy who own the large corporations just raise prices and pass on the costs to us. That is not always true, but is mostly true.

I may have written this before, but I am not concerned who is elected president. My life won’t change a great deal. I won’t be rich and I won’t be poor, just like now. I just wish the election would be over. I don’t think I can take the ugliness anymore.

We have, rather I have, been watching the streaming video of Tabor’s fine arts center construction site. I turn it on in the morning and shut it down at night. Even though the project is across the street from us, it’s really hard to see what is going. The birds-eye view is a better way to see what is being accomplished.

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