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I found another year of my columns and have put them in a new file. What I found to be most amazing is that I didn’t repeat myself in the first two years.

I know I have repeated myself over the years, but then who cares?

I know one section of the collection will be titled something like: “I wonder why….”

In 2000 I wondered if monkeys could be trained to operate chain saws and climb big trees to cut out the dead wood, and then if you could get elephants to haul the wood away. And would they work for peanuts?

Lately, technology is seeming to become out of reach for me.

I have this Dropbox that is intended to let others send big files to me (files that are too big for email). I thought I could download a file and then send it on with the Dropbox.

I got an error message that said I was not authorized to access the account. This didn’t seem right since I had just logged into it at home.

I called tech support but didn’t get the person and didn’t leave a message. When I got to the post office, my phone was ringing, but I couldn’t get it out of my pocket fast enough to answer.

So I called the party back and was told the Internet may have been down, which was why I couldn’t access the account.

So I thought I would try again at go home, where I had previously accessed the account.

That didn’t work either, so I emailed the file as an attachment even though it was a rather large file.

After I sent it with my gmail account I got the message that the email wouldn’t show up in my sent folder unless I moved the email from the trash.

When this kind of thing happens it makes me want to break stuff. But I didn’t.

I’ve spent the past few days over the weekend and evenings during the week trying to clean up my shop from everything that has accumulated out there over the winter.

I’ve discovered I have way more screwdrivers and pliers and wrenches than I will ever need, even though I could never find what I wanted at the time I was looking for a specific tool.

I have determined that I need to be better at getting rid of stuff I don’t need, but I just can’t seem to do it. Therefore, I spend a lot of time piling stuff up and when the pile gets to high I just start a new pile.

We spent last Thursday in Kansas City visiting my doctors at KU Eye.

The surgeon dismissed me unless something comes up again. It’s amazing that the numbness on my face went away the day before I went there.

And my ophthalmologist said my double vision should resolve in three to sux months. I’m hoping he is right. If he isn’t, he says he can fix it.

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