Memory not aways reliable

Some?times I rely on fellow staf?f members to help me remember items I mention during the week that I plan to write about in my next column.

It isn?t fail-safe, as they don?t remember either.


There was this guy who lost his cell phone and just couldn?t find it. His wife decided to call his number; the phone rang at a house in the next subdivision over. Seems someone?s dog had the phone.

Apparently, when the guy stooped over to pet the dog one day as it was being walked past his house, the phone fell out of they guy?s pocket and the dog took it, unbeknownst to the man.

True story and it happened in Hillsboro. I hope I am close on the details.


I read that Gene Obee of Burns recently turned 90 and his family hosted a birthday party for him.

Mr. Obee was featured in our Marion County veterans book, and I would add my belated birthday wishes to him and my gratitude for his service.


As most of you know, Larry Hatteberg is a great photographer. He was telling me about his new website that features many of his photos, which are available for purchase. He has many size options, and you can place the photo above your sofa to see how it will look before buying it.


I have served as our family?s travel agent for some time now, but ran into a snag recently that I am almost too embarrassed to mention. However, I will do so because I don?t want anyone else to make the same mistake I did.

You have to be really careful when you find flights that are way cheaper than any other airline.

I have been searching for a flight for next year and haven?t bought the ticket yet because I keep thinking the rates may drop before I need to make the purchase.

This past week I found some seats on an airline we haven?t used before. The fare was hundreds of dollars less?but there was a catch.

Somehow I was directed to a website called, which I later found out is in Sweden. The baggage fees were not listed and the only way you could find out was by calling the airline directly. That is where I should have bailed.

After buying the tickets, I learned that carry-on bags were $40 each both ways so that would have added $160 to the ticket; a checked bag was $35 both ways, for a total of $230 on top of the ?cheap? price of the ticket.

I noticed there was a service fee of about $20 and change from eDreams, but didn?t think much about it. I should have.

Long story short, I was able to cancel the reservation from the airline and receive a full refund. Not so from eDreams. I emailed them back and forth all afternoon with no luck. And they never answered my questions. They only sent a stock letter that everyone else gets when stiffed.


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