Memories of salt mine run deep

The boys and I headed for the Kansas Under?ground Salt Museum in Hutchinson this past Sunday. It is the only thing like it in the Western Hemisphere. We?re happy we went, and if you decide to go you are encouraged to make reservations on the phone before you head that way.

The mines are 650 feet below the surface of the earth. You hop in a double-decker elevator to get there. Before the descent, they show a safety film and you are outfitted with a hard hat and a gizmo that changes carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide in case there is a fire.

In reality, there has never been a fire since the mine was opened by the Carey Salt Co. in 1923. So we weren?t really worried for our safety.

So far, about 920 acres by 8 feet deep of salt have been taken out of the mine, which covers from Fourth Street to beyond U.S. Highway 50 and east across Airport Road. There?s still 2,000 years of salt supply down there for road salt and salt used in pharmaceuticals. It is not the eating variety.

The photo shows Alex and Louis on the tram for the dark ride, which meanders throughout the older mined areas.

There is even a place to hold dinner and business meetings. Companies like this because there are no cell phone interruptions down there.

I would highly recommend this trip for visiting grandchildren and other varieties. For info go to


When I registered as an independent?the state now officially calls it ?unaffiliated??I thought I would be prevented from voting in the primary election coming Aug. 3. Not so.

I called the Secretary of State?s office and learned that I can register as a Republican at the polls that day and vote. Then, after the primary, I can become unaffiliated by registering that way again.

According to the person I spoke with, the Republicans required one to re-register as Republican to vote in their primary, but the Democrats allow one to remain unaffiliated to vote in theirs if they so choose. So if you are unaffiliated and wish to vote in a Democrat primary, you can do so without doing anything?except show up at the voting site.

If you have questions about voting, the phone number for Topeka is 800-262-8683 (VOTE).


Computers enable crazy mistakes. Many times we pick up a file from a year ago and 21st becomes 22st, or 3rd becomes 4rd. Since most end in ?th? like 4th, 5th, 6th I think we should change everything to ?th.?

So oneth, twoth, threeth, fourth, fiveth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and so on.


The fair is here again and promises to be bigger and better than it has in recent times.

The fair features new events for kids and a carnival is back after a four-year absence. The best thing we can do to bring the carnival back next year is to support it as best we can.

I know our boys are really looking forward to the parade and everything else?with the Demo Derby and fireworks show topping it off Saturday night.

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