McMillen a model of endurance

Our coaches used to tell us to get in shape for sports. Getting in shape is a relative term. I witnessed what getting shape really means this past Friday at the regional track meet in Marion.

Senior distance runner Cody McMillen qualified for four events at the state track meet this coming weekend in Wichita by running 800 meters, then 1,600 meters, then 3,200 meters followed by 400 meters?all within four hours. The 4x400, relay which was his last event, came about 15 minutes after the 3,200. In that relay he took the baton in third place and brought it in first on his leg.

While others were gasping and falling down after their races Cody calmly walked off of the track and went to the infield to keep warming up for the next event. I?ll give Cody the ?Iron Man? award for the year.

  • Saturday it was time to clean up all of the leaves and trash that had accumulated behind our building over the winter. Our AC compressor unit sits on top of cinder blocks, so I was reaching into the holes in the blocks to pull out the leaves and trash. The last one I reached into had the feel of fur so I quickly pulled out my hand.

    Later I observed a cat?s behind sticking out and when I told Jerry about it he said he thought he had heard kittens meowing lately. Now what?

  • On a recent business trip I had the opportunity to try a new dish for the first time. It is called ?Bangers and Mash.?

    It is a British dish consisting of link sausages resting on mashed potatoes with brown gravy and a helping of baked beans. Not the healthiest thing to eat, but if it was on the menu in these parts I?d probably order it again.

  • With high gas prices these days, I decided to check the air in my tires and found that one tire was quite low. With power steering it?s hard to tell if a tire needs some air. I?d bet that at least half of the vehicles on the road have tires with insufficient air in them.

  • When I came in the house after my tire checking, Nancy said the pen in my pocket looked just like a tire checker. It just so happened to be one.

  • The HHS All School Reunion is Saturday night and I?m looking forward to it.

    Those who have paid for tickets and don?t have them yet can pick them up from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday at City Hall and from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the HHS Commons entrance off of Grand, or at the Free Press office prior to those times.

    For our visitors, I invite you to check out the specials at our local stores advertised on Page 8A of this week?s Free Press.

  • A word to visitors who are coming home for the reunion and wish to stay current with their old hometown: I invite you to bookmark the Free Press Web site if you haven?t already. By the large amount of traffic we are getting from all over the country and beyond, it is apparent that many have already found it. The best part is that it is accessible to all for no fee.

    You can view the interactive version of the Free Press and find links to advertisers? Web sites and contact information when you need to assist a family member who ives in the area.

  • Did you know the Grand Canyon is just an hour away? You can experience it at the IMAX theater at the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutch.

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