Marketing for grocery markets

Many times I think about how to market new ideas for our business, as well as others.

For example, I was thinking that a grocery store should try to come up with a way to get moms to bring their kids shopping with them. Everyone knows kids will always want something that is not on the list, so the ticket may be larger for those with kids than those without. But then there is the whining and begging, which would be a big negative for moms and other shoppers.

Or better yet, have the husband come along to push the shopping cart, like I sometimes do at Dale?s and Vogt?s.

I don?t beg or make noise when I don?t get what I want because I don?t ask. I just put the items I want in the cart. We always spend more when I go shopping.

One time, though, I didn?t get to put a jar of pickled herring in our cart. When I was a kid, we had that every Saturday night.


The NCAA championship game wasn?t played until after I wrote last week?s column so I still wanted to give my two cents worth about how it all turned out.

Butler became my favorite to win it all, and then they too were afflicted with the worst shooting percentage in a national championship game. Absolutely nothing would go in and everyone knows what the end result of that problem turns out to be.


If it doesn?t matter where you live, and you have an Internet business, then Kansas City (Kan.) might be the place to be in the near future. Google just announced it is going there with its gigabit connectivity to the Internet. That is a whopping 100 times faster than the broadband Internet service you will find most everywhere else.

From what I have read, they don?t plan to expand this to any other locations. Their idea is to get other providers to start thinking about offering similar service.

If we could just get something half as fast, or even one fourth as fast, we would stand out from the crowd and could market ourselves as the place to locate to set up shop.


A word of advice if you ever think about protecting a domain name with Go Daddy.

It?s very easy to be protected; it is very hard to become unprotected and move your domain name and hosting elsewhere.

They don?t need to know anything about you when you sign up. They need to know everything about you when you try to cancel the service.

They even wanted me to send them a picture of my driver?s license or passport. Two weeks after I scanned my driver?s license, I noticed it was still in the scanner when I was making another scan.

Therefore I had been driving around without it for days. Glad I didn?t try to fly anywhere during that time or it could have been a major problem with no photo I.D.


Many people have stopped me to tell me how much they appreciated the report on Japan a few weeks ago. I reprinted the column in this space that was written by high school classmate Charlotte Kennedy Takahashi, who lives in Tokyo.

Charlotte writes for Japan Today, an Internet news and discussion board, and has a recent post which you may also be interested in reading. Here is the link: commentary/view/managing- a-company-during-a-crisis.

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