Make this Christmas Brighter

If you?d like to make someone?s Christmas a little brighter this year, there are options available to you.

Both Emprise Bank and Hillsboro State Bank have giving trees for all ages. As of Monday morning there were still unfilled requests at Hillsboro State and Emprise was taking names if more requests came in.

Main Street Ministries also has needs you can help fill now, as well as any time of the year.

If you?re in the giving spirit you can find options everywhere if you take the time to seek them out.

  • The 24-hour sidewalk snow-clearing edict from the Hillsboro City Council seems to be working. Everyone was out in full force clearing off the ice, sleet and snow from this past weekend?s wintry mix.

    The question was posed as to what the penalty might be if the snow wasn?t removed in a timely fashion. Maybe the city crews should just dump all the snow from the middle of the street onto the offender?s sidewalk.

  • Since we don?t have a dog, I didn?t know what our dog (if we had one) might be missing until last week. Apparently if you take your dog with you to a bank drive-through in this area, your dog will get a dog biscuit. In fact, I?m told the dogs actually start drooling when the car gets near the bank, knowing the biscuit is coming soon.

  • Another way to give back this Christmas involves the Hillsboro Community Impact Fund. The initial campaign for the HCIF is coming to a close at the end of this year with a goal of $250,000. More than $234,000 has been pledged as of last Friday, so the goal is attainable.

    The only use for this fund is to generate interest to create and award grants for area non-profits. None of the money pledged has been used for promotion.

    If Hillsboro has been good to you, here is an opportunity to ensure that good things will happen in the future. An insert in this week?s Free Press issue that goes to Hillsboro, Lehigh and Durham explains the fund in much greater detail.

  • I have worn Red Wing boots and shoes for many years. I have two reasons. They last forever if you take care of them with boot oil, and you get free shoelaces for the life of the shoe.

    It?s really neat to walk in the store and say you need new laces. They get them and say, ?Here you go.?

  • Christmas came early for me this year. Last week I had my six-week checkup at the KU Med Center after my cancer surgery. My PSA was negligible, which is what it was supposed to be, and it means the cancer is gone. I feel very blessed and I appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement on my behalf during the past several months from so many people.

    While prostate cancer is very curable if caught early, it still creates a dark cloud while one journeys through it.

    I also wish to thank the Free Press crew for so ably covering for me while I was out of commission. Contrary to what I thought previously, I am not indispensible.

  • My checkup last week happened to coincide with a KU basketball game the night before. We stayed with the Ranneys in Lawrence that night to make the trip to KC a little shorter the next day, and since it snowed 3 inches it was a good plan. It was fun to experience the action in Allen Field House again.

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