Love the sauce on waffles

I love it when one of the local groups puts on a fundraiser and serves waffles, which was the Hillsboro Senior Cen?ter?s main menu item Saturday. Or maybe the sausage was the main item.

Even better is the white sauce that they put on?if you want it. It?s so good I could drink it straight.

What I can?t figure out is why some people, including my wife, would rather use syrup. When I asked why, I learned you most likely grew up with white sauce on your waffles to want it. If you didn?t, you use syrup.

I have been known to make waffles, and when I do I go down to Dale?s and get vanilla pudding to put on them. Almost as good as white sauce, but not quite the same.


If our scale at home is close to accurate I have dropped about 17 pounds since I weighed on the baggage scale as we were getting off the ship on our cruise the middle of January. Still have a ways to go, but hopefully I?ll make it by summer.


Saturday was the first day we realized retirement has its pluses.

Dave Ranney texted me from the road and asked if we would like to meet them at the Ad Astra Cafe in Strong City. They were headed this way to watch their grandson, who plays for Hesston, take on Southeast of Saline.

We just jumped in the car and headed that way. Noth?ing else to think about.


I have had more sets of speakers in my lifetime than I can shake a stick at.

I even made some in high school shop that we moved around for many years before I finally sold them.

I wonder where they are by now.

Lately I have purchased speakers made specifically for the computer. They never seem to stay at home though. One pair ended up at the office and the other ended up at church.

I now have a soundboard unit that was made for a flat-screen TV that Nancy?s mom got with her TV several years ago and didn?t use. At the time, I ended up with it and didn?t need it then, so loaned it. It recently came back and now it?s what I use in our office at home.


I normally don?t put things off because I?m a ?do it now? kind of guy. But when it comes to taxes, it is an entirely different story. I usually wait until we are almost snowed in to do it, but this year it hasn?t happened.

What I dread the most is figuring all of the trips we made to the doctor and physical therapy because of Nancy?s broken arm and my rotator cuff surgery.

It won?t be that hard once I get to it, because our insurance provider sends us a list of all of the times we went to the doctor/therapy. It was just from Feb. 4 until the middle of August.


I?ve been told that you retire so you can make all of the trips to the doctor.


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