Looking to clear the fog

I’ve kind of been in a fog for the past couple of months with everything going on and trying to work with a tumor behind my left eye.

It’s got me off balance and out of kilter. If you’ve seen me riding along in our car with Nancy, that is why. I can see good enough to drive in town, but not on the highway. Hopefully the surgery this week will put things back to more of an even keel.

We just got back from Frisco, Texas, where I attended a trade show at the Texas Press Associa­tion annual winter conference. Everything does seem bigger in Texas.

Frisco is a brand-new area that sprang up from the plains of Texas just north of Dallas.

Connie Gibbs, from Dubuque, Iowa, and I formed a partnership years ago to help newspapers with book publishing. I found a good number of leads at the show.

This is crazy, but I thought I had already written this column last week before we left for Texas.

I worried about it all weekend and then came to work this past Monday and found out I was wrong.

I have been used to writing this well in advance and relaxing over the weekend. Not so this time.

The best way I know to learn something new, is to get out among the people. Therefore, going to Texas didn’t disappoint in that category. They are truly friendly in Texas and fun to work visit with.

We learned to know a venture capitalist who had worked for LBJ years ago in Washington, D.C., and now was a consultant for companies wishing to raise money, merge or whatever they needed to advance their cause. When I got back to the room that night, I googled everything he told us, and found it all to be true.

Out of curiosity, I found a video of the type of eye surgery I am having this week—and found one that had been performed by a doctor in India.

When I was finished watching, it all I could think was, “Holy Cow.”

I told my surgeon that I had watched a video, and all he said was, “Why did you do that?” And that they would not be videoing it at KU.

I was a bit surprised that this will be an outpatient procedure, even though they take a piece of bone out and then put it back with a piece of metal in the mix.

I’m looking forward to the 51st annual Super Bowl as the old pros Belichik and Brady take on the younger Falcons. It will be interesting to see if youth trumps age.

Believe it or not, I have seen every Super Bowl, including the first one (on my new Zenith color TV) when the Chiefs played the Packers and lost 35-10 in 1967. We lived in Lawrence then.

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