Looking for best event for alums

We’re starting to get jazzed about the HHS All School Reunion, which will be May 28 in the Hillsboro Mennonite Breth­ren Church fellowship hall. Our committee has been meeting weekly to try to make this one the best ever. I think we might just pull that off.

We haven’t made it completely clear, but former faculty members and staff are also welcome to register and attend. Just contact the Hillsboro Chamber office or one of the committee members: Sue Wadkins, chair, and Kathy Decker, Cynthia Fleming, Delores Dalke, Clint Seibel and me.

A special gift is planned this time for members of classes that are having a milestone-year reunion.

And don’t forget that former coach Arlo Buller and Ralph Seibel, who will be performing, are our special guests.

To learn more online go to hillsborofreepress.com and look for the reunion button on the right-hand side of the home page.

Most (if not all) of Century Link’s DSL customers experienced loss of service Monday, March 28, beginning at about 12:30 a.m. While that doesn’t affect many people at that hour, it does affect our operation—sometimes that’s when we are sending our pages to the printer.

The rest of the phone company’s customers experienced the problem when they arrived at work Tuesday morning. You may have experienced it as not being able to pay with a debit or credit card, slow or missing services at your favorite business, or maybe just frazzled employees.

We later found out Century­Link made changes to its network, which in turn hosed us. Why can’t they let us know when they are up to these things? For some, getting back on was as simple as resetting the modem. For us, with static IP addresses, it wasn’t quite that simple. Others were out for more than a day.

If these types of things bother you, I would suggest asking for credit, or at least letting them know you aren’t happy.

If you have residential service, call 888-723-8010. If you have business service, call 800-786-6272.

There is no good time to be off line at the newspaper. We need it all of the time, and all hours of the day.

I attended the first KU Journalism School Generations event this past Friday in Lawrence.

The idea was to bring current students and alums together to discuss relevant topics of the day. There were alums from every decade, beginning with a 1952 J-School graduate.

Most students are majoring in StratCom, short for Strategic Communications, which involves all types of media available today.

I looked for the Washington Hand Press I had refurbished while employed with the KU?Printing Service back in the ’60s. It wasn’t in Stauffer-Flint Hall anymore, and no one seemed to know where it went from there.

I really need to know what happened to it and am trying to find that out.

Other piece of old equipment I fixed up in the Printing Service museum were no longer there either.

I need to know where all that went, too.

I was thinking of the rhyme I have known since I was a kid. It goes: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but lies can’t hurt me.”

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