Looking ahead to a new year

There is something refreshing about a year coming to an end and another one beginning. It gives us an opportunity to look back at accomplishments and things that might have been, and then more importantly an opportunity to look ahead to 2009 with an eye toward we want to do that we didn?t get done in 2008.

We?re really excited about the Buyer?s Edge Biz Expo we are presenting Feb. 12 at Bethel College?s Memorial Hall.

It?s coming together with five sponsors already on board for the first two years, plus our investment of time and money. More than half of our exhibitor space is already taken. The owner of the Hesston, Halstead, Moundridge and Mount Hope newspapers has joined us in making this event happen.

This idea was born from the fact that in order for our business to do well, other businesses in the region and trade area also have to do well.

We believe bringing in a top-rated speaker to address issues facing our businesses, and to provide a showcase for businesses wishing to do business with other area businesses, will be a boost for everyone.

The best thing is that it will be free for anyone wishing to attend. All that is required is a reservation, which can be done online at buyersedgeks.com.


This Christmas I did something I have never done before. Nancy talked me into watching some of the old classic movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel.

One was ?Christmas in Connecticut? (1945) and the other was ?Holiday Affair? (1949). They don?t make movies like those anymore. They reminded me of the high school plays I have seen.

I am not saying they were bad.


Since running my pastor?s letter about why our country is in this current economic mess, I have heard nothing but affirmation for what he wrote.


We got to video chat with our kids and grandkids during the holidays, which was the next-best thing to having them here with us. It really adds a lot to the conversation when the parties can see each other.

The photos e-mailed to us were special too. Louie got a bass guitar and it looked like it was bigger than he is.


Last week grandson Alex sent an iChat message to my computer that read this way: ?hey granpa, it?s 4 oclock in the morning, bi?

I found out later he and some of his friends had just finished watching the third ?Back to the Future? movie of the night when they were supposed to watch only one.


I now have the KU-Mizzou football game from Arrowhead as a Quicktime Movie on a DVD for my computer so I can watch the finish of that game anytime I want. I think I?ve already seen it a half dozen times and it doesn?t get old.


What do you get when you cross a pit bull with a collie?

A dog that will chew up your leg and then run for help.


I?m really looking forward to what the new year will bring. Two of the most important items will be trips to Atlanta and Washington state early in the year.

Hope your new year is prosperous and bright.

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