Local folk can find solutions

I have found through the years that I would much rather deal with local people than those on the state level or, heaven forbid, the national level.

An experience I had last week with renewing my driver?s license is an excellent example.

I am sure I am not the first person to have trouble renewing my license because I didn?t happen to bring another piece of ID that has my physical address on it besides my existing license (which has my photo on it).

My situation was complicated by the fact that we had just moved, and we now use a post office box for our address and all of the forwarded mail has just the P.O. Box on it and not the physical address.

Another factor was that the papers we filed on the house occurred after Oct. 1, which is the latest date the register of deeds has updated information where I could have gotten a piece of paper with our new address associated with my name.

Now getting back to why I prefer working with local people. The women at the county vehicle office were more than accommodating in trying to solve this situation.

They came up with the idea of calling my bank and asking them to fax a statement with my current address on it. When the fax came through we were back in business and the license was issued.

Local people solve problems and the state and federal folks cause problems, in my view.


Now that I?m going again, I decided to start walking on my treadmill because it has been too cold to walk outside lately. Like many other machines, mine requires that I use a magnet that is strapped to a clip that is supposed to clip to your shirt or something else if you?re not wearing a shirt.

When the magnet is in the right place, the machine will run, and when the magnet isn?t on the right spot the treadmill won?t run. A safety device, of sorts, that I presume is intended to shut off the track if you fall down or something so that your nose is not sanded off if you fall down on it.


One day, when I finished walking the magnet came out of the plastic clip that was attached to the strap and clip and fell to the floor, but I didn?t see where it went. After a few days of looking for it because the treadmill wouldn?t run without it, I found it attached to the metal frame of the treadmill that I couldn?t see.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas this week even though we will have another opportunity for Christmas greetings next week, as we plan to mail the paper Dec. 23 so you have it in your hands on Christmas eve.

The same schedule will apply during New Year?s week. The Free Press office will be closed on Christmas and New Year?s eves as well for family time.

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